The present conditions in Pakistan are making it difficult to survive in Pakistan. A lot of People are applying to study at a university abroad or are applying for an immigration. To be able to get a Visa Acceptance IELTS is mandatory and IELTS is the qualification required to seek admission in any foreign University.

Many students apply for an IELTS Test. As a lot of Students are familiar that there are Four Modules in the IELTS Test Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. A lot of students are truly doubtful on what to choose. They are very much worried about their future so they are actually watchful in selecting the examination body through which they will attempt  the test.

For Pakistani Students, even though teachers say that both British council and AEO are the same but there is a huge difference. These teachers have not attempted this IELTS test themselves so they guide their students in a wrong way.

IELTS is basically an International English Language Test that is arranged by two examination bodies in Pakistan British Council and AEO (Australian Education Organization).

Two Modules Listening and Reading are the same in both AEO and British council as there is an answer key to questions which is followed by examiners. The remaining two modules Writing and Speaking have a wide marking difference.

British council of Pakistan is really strict and tries its level best to restrict the students in a band score of 6.5. On the other hand, AEO is very good in this case. Their Examiners are fresh and try their level best to pump a candidate perform well. A lot of students achieve an overall band score of 8.5 in AEO while on average if you are awarded overall 5.0 Band score in IELTS by British council you could easily achieve 6.5 or even 7 in AEO.

The Speaking test organized by British council is truly bizarre. They have old ladies who are really egoistic and are extremely rude. They try their level best to confuse a candidate. On the other hand the speaking examiners of AEO are young and really of good mood. They smile at intervals and treat the candidates as their friend.  This quality in the Speaking Test really releases a lot of exam pressure from the candidate and so the Candidate performs well and achieves minimum 6.0 Band in Speaking Test and Maximum could be 8.5 but on average Students secure 7.0 Band in AEO Speaking Test.

When it comes to writing British council examiners are not in a mood to do justice with the candidates. They try their level best to award a band score less than 5.0 in writing to restrict candidate score. AEO have good marking criteria and they try to award genuine marks to a candidate who is appearing into the test.

British council charges Rs 10000 for the test, whereas AEO charges Rs 13000 Pakistani rupees for the test. Students have direct access to AEO offices while British Council only corresponds through some branches of Standard Chartered Bank in Pakistan.

British council has only one plus point that they provide wireless headphones for listening which is good for candidates.

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  1. I need to score 7 band in each, so I have taken IELTS exam 5 times so far. I appeared 3 times in AEO. I scored 7 or 7+ in speaking and reading every time. However, I scored 6.5 in writing and listening. After that I decided to appear in British council. Bofore taking the exam in British council I did a lot of preparation for 3 months and then appeared for the exam. You know what, they gave me 6 band in speaking and in writing. I thought they may have made a mistake, so I re-took the exam. Guess what! the result remain the same. 6 band in speaking and in writing. According to my experience I will never ever recommand British Council to anyone, until you want to wast your time and money as I did. AEO is far more better than British council. I have registered this time for AEO, and I hope I will score 7 in each.

  2. seems that you are from AEO !

  3. AEO is a fraud. BC is a fair assessment body, where as I know from fact that AEO people do not read your writing part, they just take a glance, if they like your handwriting they will gibe you good marks.

  4. 1.How do u pay online for aeo ielts? i dont see any option for it, just offline payment method
    2.tomorrow is 3rd day of my booking date, and if i send required documents to test centre tomorrow, it may not reach in time, so will it be accepted or should i wait for new booking date?

  5. Well to be honest i didnt find AEO authentic – plus i got a lower grade at AEO than BC – BC had given me L- 8 R 6 W-7 S-7, so I retook the test through AEO and they gave be L- 7 R-6.5 W-6.5 S- 7 for which i am dead sure i possible could not have gotten 7 in listening as max must have made 5 to 6 errors ! . But now im confused with all that im reading as they say that on the second try from AEO they give u better points ??????

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