29 August 1965, 50 years ago, Political observers said that the Indians are perfecting themselves in Nazi terror strategy in Kashmir. While facing the failure, the Indian forces have burnt two more villages in Kashmir.

Provincial Minister for Cooperation and Labour Mr. Mahmood A Haroon, made a sincere appeal to the people to be united under the leadership of President Ayub Khan at this critical time when the nation was in danger. Removal of Miss Sarabhai has proved without any doubt that the Government of India was not at all ready to tolerate fact. She was a top ranking social and political worker of India from Occupied Kashmir. On the other hand, government of Assam has posted more troops along the East Pakistan border as their special defence plan. So they were completely lost by all means.

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On Defense Day, Pak-Army display their latest and advanced weapons like missiles, tanks, guns, helicopters, air show, and other armament being used by Pak Army engineers, electrical and mechanical corps. Every citizen without discrimination is allows to attend such functions. These shows are also aired on the national channels as well. Moreover, national songs, defense day songs, documents about September 6, 1965 are martyred people of September 6 are broadcasted on TV channels.

It is a day to remind the people of Pakistan how Pak Army Soldiers presented their lives for the defense of the country and what is the responsibility of Pakistanis towards the future of Pakistan.

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Here are some songs for Defence Day Pakistan:

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