One of the biggest cellular companies of the Pakistan, Zong, has launched the way to recharge your accounts. It is the online recharge service of Zong that enables the subscribers of Zong to recharge their prepaid account or pay postpaid bill payments via an HBL/Cybersource powered platform.

Customer with the help of their Debit/Credit card can avail the payment option. There is no restriction of having Credit/Debit card of any specific bank (everyone is allowed). Moreover, there are no additional charges for charging the account via Zong Online Recharge facility.

Zong Online Recharge Payment Instructions:

Payment procedure is spread over two pages.

Page one procedure:

1. First enter your mobile number in the specified format (prepaid or postpaid)

2. Amount of recharge

3. Address

4. City

5. First name

6. Last name

7. Email address

8. Confirm recharge amount, mobile number and email address

9. A tacking ID will be send through SMS on the given number.

Prepaid Form Sample
Prepaid Form Sample

Page Two Procedure:

1. Now the payment page will be appeared powered by HBL. Enter here you card account details (Credit or Debit Card).

2. Insert card number

3. Card expiry date and CVV2/CVN Code (3 digit code written at the back of the card).

4. A confirmation invoice will be shown up after the successful completion of the transaction.

Postpaid Form Sample
Postpaid Form Sample

Click here for Zong Online Recharge

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