Madrassas are the religious Islamic schools which mostly teaches Islamic education and some of it also teaching the subjects like logic, philosophy and mathematics. The madrassas teaching non-Islamic education to the students with an aim to empower the students to deal with upcoming challenges of life.

In Pakistan madrassas provides complete facility to the students; hostel facility, food facility, education and other basic facilities. Most of the students doing memorization of Quran (Hifz) which takes around 3-6 years or depending on the students ability. Along with memorization of Quran these students are also being taught Tajwid (rules of recitation of Quran). Quran is acknowledged as the most read book in the world, it is not only read by Muslims, it’s also read by people belonging from different religions. As it is the most prior book out of four revelation by Allah.

The students getting religious education from madrassa, at higher levels gets qualified as Islamic Scholar or Cleric (Maulvi or Maulana).

As the other Islamic universities or board, Tanzeem-ul-Madaris is also one of it, holding exams and allocating degree, certificates to the successful candidates. Islamic madrassas belonging from the Ahle-Sunnat sect gets registered their students with it to hold exams of different courses being offered by them.


Tanzeem-ul-Madaris Ahl-e-Sunnat Pakistan is a registered board which holds different examination of religious courses. The exams are held separately for Boys and girls students.

The institute was founded on February 1, 1960 and was later upgraded on January 7, 1974, having it’s headquarter in Lahore and other offices at provincial  level. It is having vast network all around Pakistan and later aiming to spread it to next-level by setting it in abroad.

Courses being offered are: Tahfeez-al-Quran, Tajweed wa Qiraat, Darja Matvasta, Darja Sanvia Aama, Darja Sanvia Khasa, Darja Aalia, Darja Aalmia and others.

In the year 2015, number of students (male and female) for annual exam exceeded more than 1,25,000, which is more than from the previously held examinations.

For Further information: Tanzeem-ul-Madaris site ← (CLICK ON IT)
# 8 – Ravi Park Lahore, Ravi Road, Lahore, Pakistan

Admission form
Admission form


During examination
During examination


Proficiency of IT department
Proficiency of IT department


Female students attending function
              Female students attending function
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