In Pakistan we have two major brands of Soft drink and they are circulating around 70-80% of the whole market. And we trust them with ‘wide-shut’ eyes.

We never wanna disgrace any of the company, although the company which is all about quality, came up with so carelessness that is Something to ponder on.

A grocery store owner submitted compliant to District Coordination Officer (DCO) Rahim Yar Khan. The store owner told that there was lizard in a litre glass bottle of sprite (serial No 40825) which was delivered at his store by Coca-Cola Beverages Pakistan Limited (CCBPL), Rahim Yar Khan. The grocery owner also submitted bottle along with the complaint as a proof.

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DCO Rahimyar Khan Capt Retd Muhammad Zafar Iqbal directed AC Javed Ahmed, DO Livestock Sabtain Shah, DO Health Dr. Hasan Khan along with other notables to probe down the incident.

On September 12, officers along with inspection team raided CCBPL factory located at Shahbazpur Road. The investigation team found the conditions unhygienic, as the various insects and reptiles, including lizards were present in the production area of the beverage plant.

The technical team collected samples from the plant and sent it to their labortaries. The authorities also ordered the company to withdraw the whole stock of sprite one liter glass bottle from the market and dump it as wastage.

As further going through the incident, the factory was sealed on the date over unhygienic conditions.

Going through the pictures:

Sprite 1 ltr glass bottle having Lizard inside it
Lizards can be clearly seen near the production area of company
Lizards can be clearly seen near the production area of company
The sealed Sprite 1 ltr stock
The sealed Sprite 1 ltr stock
Investigation team probing the incident
Investigation team probing the incident

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