Masarrat Misbah – a Pakistani entrepreneur, cosmetologist turned philanthropist and owner of Depilex’s Beauty Clinic & Beauty Parlour has launched Pakistan first Halal certified makeup and cosmetic brand in Pakistan with the name of Masarrat Misbah Makeup.


With the increasing trend of awareness of basic teaching of Islam, women are more conscious about the fashion and beauty products that are in conflict with their religion.


It is the first Halal certified makeup brand in Pakistan, not using any illegal ingredients that are according to Islam, haram animal substances or alcohol in the entire product line.


MM Makeup ensured that their all products are manufactured with best quality Halal ingredients. They are committed not to use any haram animal substances or intoxicants in their products. Each product is also free from haramful Parabens.


Moreover, the colour pallet and tones are best suited for Asian complexion and skin tpes. Initially, MM Makeup is dealing in the makeup of skin, eyes, cheeks, and lips. Sub categories of each makeup category is as: Skin – silk foundation, silk pressed powder; Eyes – eye varnish, perfect wear eyeliner, lash enhancer, and lash volumizer; Cheeks – stay on blusher, ethereal glow; and Lips – lips varnish, long lasting lipstick, liquid lipstick, and lip-gloss.

silk silk-pressed-powder

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