Here comes a good news for martial arts student. Their passion fellow Mujtaba Hassan Mughal has made a Gunnies Book of World record by smashing most walnuts with a nunchaku in one minute.most-walnuts-cracked-with-a-nunchaku-in-one-minute-header_tcm25-396456

Mujtaba Hassan, a Pakistani martial arts student, has cracked 97 walnuts in just one minute using a nunchaku. Don’t think it was a child game. Nunchaku is considered as the dangerous weapon in Japan and China as it can create life threat for the person using it if used by it badly.walnuts-smashing-2-GWR-website_tcm25-396564

The previous record of smashing 62 nuts within 60 seconds that was made by Samuel Sprague from United States has been shattered by Hassan. Mujtaba Hassan is no the walnut smashing champion.

Mujtaba Hassan Mughal has just shattered the record for the Most walnuts smashed with a nunchaku in one minute, said by Guinness Book of World Record 



Here is the video

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