On this religious occasion Muslim sacrifices animal as per the religious policy. The sacrificial meat is divided into three equal shares.

  • Needy/poor people
  • Relatives
  • For your own family

Here are some Tips to avoid health complications this Eid.

One thing you need to understand is, you can’t run 100 km/day as far as your body is not tend to do so. Similarly, you can’t digest 20 times more proteins than you do in your daily life. These logical lines show what we usually do on the occasion; we kept on eating as there are several functions arranged at our neighbor, friend e.t.c.

Get the professional Butcher:
If you have a fine experience or know how to do it, then it’s well and good.  If not, then arrange a professional butcher not a part-time butcher. The professional butcher knows how to slaughter the animal in a proper way. And he also has experience to get wastage in one side and edible meat at one. Some part-timers get confuse in difference in it, which is also the one cause of gestational disorder.

Wash the meat:
As many say that sacrificial meat shouldn’t be washed it is as per their choice, although it is recommended to wash the meat several times so that it becomes clean and becomes more efficient for the stomach.

Drink plenty of water:
When you went on eating much more than your regular routine, the simple way to get digest your food properly is drink penalty of water. That keeps your stomach healthy.

Less spicy foods:
Gestational complications have become a big problem all around. The use of much higher spices are also one of the cause. And when we speak about Eid-ul-Azha, the different dishes are made which are full of spices. This is what our taste-buds wait for, namkeen-Eid . If we eat less spicy food that will lessen our chances of getting ill.

Use vegetables with meat:
Vegetables will be maintaining water amount in our bodies and will limit any harmful effect of meat. This is because, we don’t get much proteins in our daily life. And vegetables are much friendly to our stomach.

Avoid more use of carbonated drinks:
We can’t say it to completely good-bye these drinks, as today they have become part of our tradition. But we can use them in lesser amount along with spicy food, according to the experts, this can be dangerous for those having problems of acidity, ulcers in stomach and small intestines.

Red meat needed per day
According to the experts, 200-250 gram of meat is enough for the body, per day.

The patients of hypertension, Diabetes and other such diseases should directly contact their physician or doctor, rather to obey any of the instruction.

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