It went unnoticed by many of you, however, here we’ll show that many of the female actresses, might be some of  your favorites also in the list, got their cosmetic surgeries .

On the other hand, you are quite updated with ‘Bollywood Queens’ going through cosmetic surgeries, the most important thing you need to know about cosmetic surgery is, it’s always not fruitful and many of the actresses are believed to be more prettier before their surgeries.

The technology of surgery, to groom up your beauty, has now become much more vast in the field as actresses and models are busy in having surgeries, rather than traditional facial surgeries they opt surgeries to beautify or reshape their other body parts.

Here we go, some of the Pakistani actresses, who got their facial surgery:

Mehwish Hayat: The Billi of Lollywood is one of the top priority of every director today. After getting huge success from her Item song in Na Maloom Afrad, in-recent, she’s also the part of all time highest grosser film of Pakistan, Jawani Phir Ni Aani.


Mehwish Hayat Before & After surgery:

Mehwish B and A


Sadia Imam: Once the most integral actress of Pakistan drama industry,  still posses huge fan following. But her surgery is regarded as the biggest blunder from Sadia’s side.


Sadia Imam Before & After surgery:

Sadia B & A


Amna Ilyas: The top model is in limelight and is enjoying the stardom. Amna Ilyas got Lux Style Awards 2015 in category of Model of the Year (female).


Amna Ilyas Before & After surgery:



Sara Loren: This Pakistani actress not only just have fame in Pakistan, she has also gain huge applause working cross-borders in Bollywood. If we compare it with her counterparts, she’s the one with most number of silver screen presences.


Sara Loren Before & After:



Mathira: The notorious VJ-cum-actress always successfully made her way  into the news, this is all not just because of her upcoming projects, her controversies play integral role in taking her into the limelight.


Mathira Before & After surgery:



Ayesha Khan: She’s also having some good time in acting, she was also in the film Waar, which released in 2013 and became the highest grosser of All time in Pakistan cinema and the in the most recent project, she also starred in Jawani Phir Ni Aani, which thrashed Waar’s record.


Aisha Khan Before & After surgery:


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