PILDAT report on Democracy is out and what we are being told is Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is the most trusted politician and PML-N is currently the most famous party in Pakistan.

The arch rival of Nawaz Sharif, Imran Khan has lost his trust level and also his political party PTI has seen a downturn. The report highlights that PML-N, which is the party in regime since 2013 General Elections and its leader PM Nawaz are having strong grip over democracy. Not alone Nawaz his brother Shahbaz Sharif, the Chief Minsiter of Punjab has also gained immense popularity as he’s the second most trusted politician, according to the report.

Political parties:

PILDAT parties




PML-N: If we look at the graph, PML-N has gained 16% more popularity then it has in 2014, PML-N fame in 2015 has soared up high at 70%, leaving behind all other parties.

PPP: Pakistan Peoples Party has not seen any fluctuation in its popularity, with a minimal difference it has got 36% of approval among the population, previously it was 35%.

Jamaat e Islami: With Siraj-ul-Haq as Chief of Jamaat e Islami, this party has also gained some positives with coming on 40% from previously approval of 33%.



PTI: The party held by Imran Khan has faced strong disapproval, as it has slid to 44% from 50%.

PML: This party restricts to 24 % of approval, which was 27% in year 2014.

MQM: Even after facing severe allegations party has not faced much decline as it comes to 14% of approval of population from previous 16%.

JUI-F: This party is acting as one of the strongest opposition to the KPK government gets 23% of approval among masses.


Trust in leaders:fig4cTrust in institutions:


Armed forces have gained 75% of trust of masses as the grand operation to eradicate terrorism Zarb-e-Azab is just at its last stages.

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