The most highly obliged day in the Islamic calendar, 10th Muharram is also known as Ashura, have passed this year, the day as always was celebrated with religious solemnity and reverence around the globe.

The Muslims around the globe paid homage in their own way; here we’ll be showing you how Muslims worldwide held events to commemorate the greatest ever sacrifice in the world history. The sacrifice which even compelled non-Muslims to praise, will always be remembered around the globe till the judgment day.

The day recalls us, how grandson of Hazrat Muhammad SAW sacrificed lives of his family and companions along with himself. The example set by Imam Hussain meets no companion as he refused the evils to go on with Islam.

Throughout the month of Muharram, Muslims around the world organize different events; processions, Noha Khawani, Mehfils, Niyaz/langar, Mataam and others.

In pic- How Muslims around the globe paid tribute to martyrs of Karbala:

Federal Capital of Pakistan, Islamabad

Islamabad, Pakistan

Lahore, Pakistan

Lahore, Pakistan

Karachi, Pakistan


Baghdad, Iraq

Baghdad, Iraq

Kabul, Afghanistan

Kabul ,

Ashura at Qom, Iran

Ashura at Qom, Iran

Beirut, Lebanon

Beirut, Leba

Yangon, Burma

Yangon, Burma



Sanabis, Bahrain

Sanabis, Bahrain

al-Awamiya, Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia

Scenes from the Ashura Commemorations of Zeynebiye, Istanbul, Turkey


Blood donations in Yemen


 Tazia procession in Delhi

New Delhi, India

Srinagar, India




Karbala, Iraq

Karbala, iraq

Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia 8th Muharram

Adelaide, Australia

Adealide, Australia



Ottawa, Canada


Aerial view of shrine of Imam Hussain RA

Aerial photo of shrine of Imam Hussain

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