The much awaited clip of Pakistani 3D animated Urdu series Buraaq, The Rise of a Hero has been unveiled today. Buraaq 3D Islamic superhero series has been produced by SplitMoonArts, sound track composed by Shahi Hassan while the Urdu version of the series has been narrated by Junaid Jamshed. The superhero Buraaq is the embodiment of basic universal values of Islamic ideology, i.e. to stand up for truth, justice and freedom.

The need of an Islamic superhero was felt by the producers, who were desirous to illustrate the side of their story to the Hollywood, particularly the West. This is the second release of Buraaq as the first came out back in January 2001 which received a considerably positive response.

The series intended to reclaim the mainstream narrative of Islamic ideology, and to narrate the story in the form of high-quality 3D animation. The core theme revolves around Islamic universal values and concept that is shared across all prominent religion’s philosophies. The series, obviously, is replete with the components of mystery, action, and ventures.

BURAAQ – “The Rise of A Hero” 3D Animated Series Promo [URDU] from SplitMoonArts on Vimeo.

BURAAQ – “The Rise of A Hero” 3D Animated Series Promo [English] from SplitMoonArts on Vimeo.

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