As the Ministry of Interior announced that this year 2015, 9th November Iqbal Day will not be a public holiday. The people outraged over the decision and asked government to restore the public holiday, as this day is the birth anniversary of Poet of East and people felt it should be called as a public holiday in remembrance of the presenter of Two Nation Theory.

Different people came up with their word over not having holiday, the chairman PTI Imran Khan also came up with words over not having holiday. The former testcrickter-turned-politician said that he himslef is against so many holidays, however, he said that over Iqbal Day public holiday shoud be announced as “Iqbal emobodied ideology of Pak”.


Imran Khan finding it necessary to have the public holiday to make youth well aware of the contribution of Allama Iqbal. The holiday on 9th November  is also necessary as people have to commemorate their national hero, who invigorated Muslims and  made them believe about their true strength.

Today, Khan, who  is quite active on Twitter, tweeted that he has requested CM KP to declare public holiday on Iqbal Day in the KP province. However, official announcement is not yet made but it can be expected that their will be holiday on Iqbal Day.





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