Her credibility can’t be undermined and it shouldn’t be as she is regarded as the pioneer of morning shows in Pakistan and most of all she is also called Oprah Winfrey of Pakistan. In her career from actress to host, she has everywhere been a role model for others. For her uncountable contributions, she has received several awards and accolades.

Apart from that, rumors are always up, when you are in the limelight. Nadia Khan returning back to her famous show Nadia Khan Show on Geo TV, at the same time, smear campaign regarding her started, telling that she has undergone a facial surgery to look young and naturally she has lost her charm with the increase in her age.

Nadia Khan knowing about social media campaign stabbed all such rumors and bashed the one who are up with this campaign against her.

We can’t deny that many celebrities in Pakistan have got their facial surgeries but at the very same time we can’t disprove the fact that Pakistani audience is always seen praising the one with natural beauty and the one who got his/her surgery are not reputed as beauty as compared to those blessed with natural beauty.

Nadia Khan stabbing all the rumors about her surgery-Nadia Khan Show-Video

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