Good news for those who are willing to learn their national language Urdu in depth. Many online dictionaries and pdf books are available on internet but to learn Urdu in depth. However, there is an all in one Urdu dictionary that contains almost all the Urdu words. The name of this online Urdu dictionary website is

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Here you will find an endless stock of latest and old Urdu words. It is not an simple Urdu dictionary, it is the house of Urdu grammar as well, where you can found over one lac Urdu words. Search the words according to category, dictation, definition on the same page.

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Search any word then it will show you its etymology, either it is singular or plural, its grammatical significance, its usage in sentence and also gives the option to translate it into English language. This resourceful website has been developed by the graduate of FAST-NU Zaid Akram. It is an open source project as said by Zaid. “Any kind of contribution is welcome from anybody”, he said.

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Moreover Urdu Lughat app is also available on Google Play Store. You can download it from here Urdu Lughat

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  1. Lughat main tosih karain aur method easy to find and get ka rakhain

  2. great idea

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