The one longing for Black Friday, though weren’t able to avail the day, forget that December is gonna arrive, which is all about surprises and gifts and most importantly the foods to keep you warm in Winter.

As the December have arrived, some leading Fast food chains in Pakistan Pizza Hut,Burger King, brings out some exciting offers and discounts. This is not the formal discounts you get on like 5-10% it is about 40% off on your entire bill.

How can this offer be availed?

Burger King & Pizza Hut



The offer is for entire month of December, and you can avail this discount whether you dine-in or take away but all you should have to avail this offer is to have Debit Card of anyone of these banks:

  • HBL
  • UBL
  • NIB
  • Meezan Bank

All you have to do is swipe your card  to pay the entire bill after 40% discount.

Note: The 40% Discount can only be availed on Meezan bank (Tuesday)
NIB bank (Wednesday) HBL (Monday)
UBL (10th, 11th, 12th and 13th December) for the entire month of December!

For Further information and Queries:

  • Pizza Hut: CALL 111-241-24
  • Burger King: CALL 111 11 25 25

TGI Fridays-40% discount


Enjoy 40% Off from entire menu at TGI Fridays on below given days
NIB Customers: Every Tuesday of December 2015 Onwards
Meezan Customers: Every Monday of December 2015
HBL Debit Card Customers: Every Wednesday from December 2015 Onwards.

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