After the horrific incident wilted the young buds, people can never ever forget their sacrifice. The souls departed due to the terrorist attack have become immortal for everyone, as they are remembered, commemorated and have a strong impression on every of the brain intending to make Pakistan prosperous.

The sacrifice of the young children rose up as the wake-up call for the ever patriot and even the leadership of the country decided to eliminate the menace of terrorism.

The first anniversary of the horrendous incident is almost a day away, and different organizations and institutes are coming up with their initiatives to memorialize the APS martyrs and to upheld the bravery of the young lads of Pak soil.

With the aim of all this, ISPR has released the second installment of ‘Bara Dushman Bana Phirta Hai’ song titled ‘Mujhay Dushman Ke Bachon Ko Parhaana Hai’.

Earlier, song ‘Bra Dushman Bna Phirta Hai’  was released in loving memory of the APS martyrs. And now the sequel of the song is also released over the 1st anniversary of the APS Peshawar Attack.

‘Mujhay Dushman Ke Bachon Ko Parhaana Hai’ narrates that all the terrorist attacks went in vain and the people are united and are up with strong determinations.


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