The Government of Punjab has today announced the schedule of winter vacations and as per the notification, all the school and colleges of the province will remain closed from December 24 to December 31.

The government official further told that all the college and school in the province will be strictly obliging the announcement made by the government and in order to cope with the one not following the instruction will be handled according to the law.

As we yesterday informed you about the winter vacations announcement by the Sindh and Balochistan government. And following it Punjab government has also announced the vacation for the winter season 2015-2016.

Here it should be kept mention that, Sindh Government and Balochistan have yesterday announced the holidays for this winter fall, and today Punjab has announced, although, so far Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government hasn’t announced the vacations.

The winter vacations work as a refreshment for the learning minds, as in normal days they are just restricted to their hectic schedules and with the announcement of vacations they are up with the plans to visit their family members and to explore the never seen before tourism destinations.

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