The government of Pakistan is all set to publicise new strategy for the automobile industry, as said the Federal Minister for Industries and Production, Ghulam Murtaza Khan Jatoi.

‘Our aim is to invite more and more investors into the country,” said Jatoi, adding the new policy will persuade the new as well as existing automobile manufacturers to invest their capital in Pakistan so that country’s security and macroeconomic image may improve.

“The Minister of Industries wants to move ahead with the new auto, policy, taking into account reservations of the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR),” said the minister during talking to Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) representatives at the head office.

“We are in contact with Fiat, Renault and some other carmakers to bring them to Pakistan so that people get jobs as well as cheap and quality cars,” added Jatoi.

The government had intentions to publicise the new policy which had been pending for three years. However, as FBR maintained, the current manufacturers must not gain the same incentives as the new candidates; the real reason which had sustained the announcement of the policy.

About Karachi’s security issues, the minister said that the federal government was on the verge to lend a hand to Sindh government to help dealing with all the matters, especially security issue.

“Despite all our good intentions, we cannot interfere in provincial matters. The security situation in Karachi has improved because of continuous support of the federal government to all departments concerned in Sindh,” he said.

He also admonished that all advantages of Karachi operation could be pointless in case the country does not conclude the prolonged war against terrorism.

“There is a need to further consolidate the security situation so that more investors can come and invest in Pakistan. The federal government stands committed to resolving the power crisis, hopefully, by the time it leaves the office in 2018,” further added the minister.

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