One of the most prolific modern era’s actress and morning talk show host of Pakistan Sanam Jung is going to be departed to land in the new world of her life. It is not a rumour as pictures of her Mehndi night with her would be have come out.


Earlier, reports had been being circulated that she was about to get married with one of the famous TV jockey Waqar Zaka; however, it has been negated by the girl herself and disclosed that she was engaged with American based pilot Syed Abdul Qassam Jafri. He is a certified Flight Instructor at Alpha Tango Flying Services in the United States of America.


The recently unveiled pictures of Jung in bridal outfit clearly show that she is on the verge to add a person’s name with hers. As revealed Erum Studio, she was there to have a bridal makeup.

“She is one of the very few people who accommodate and know exactly what they want”, said Erum, adding both she and Sanam designed the dress together.




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