As the ban on the YouTube was the off-debated topic in Pakistan after the blasphemy issue. Every now and then, news of lifting the ban was in the air but hopes of the users were shattered every time. YouTube was reported to be accessible in cell phones in the ban time, but officially the ban was never lifted up.

Contemporarily, YouTube made a new scintillating move in an appealing change, they are exhibiting “YouTube PK” as its default logo on the website for users accessing in Pakistan. Even though it is not very obvious but it seems that localized version of YouTube has been launched instead of the global version, before this Pakistanis were entertaining themselves with the global version.

Previously, YouTube users in other countries were provided with their own country name with YouTube logo. But now, in the swift move made by YouTube authorities, they made Pakistani oriented logo. Pakistani users are claiming that they are viewing below the logo on

Previously, were providing this privilege to the Pakistani people with a Google PK logo. But now this act of YouTube is appreciated by the masses of the public. This step will further pave the way for the official lift of the ban on the YouTube. The dedicated country logo will help to get the soft corner of the hearts of the concern authorities. It might be suitable to say in this article that is presently not hindering any kind of content material for the Pakistani edition. Almost all video clips that exist on its worldwide version are available in Pakistan effectively.

Almost more than three years have been passed since the ban was put on i.e. September 12, 2012. The website was available in many cities of Pakistan, but PTA authorities have said that website was accessible in Pakistan by mistake and they will guarantee the writ of the court.

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