Falak Shabir is once again on a roll, as now he is turning out this winter season romantic one for all his fans. Not just with his latest release he have also lend his vocals for the terrific romantic number in Bollywood film Sanam Re, which is slated to hit the screens on January 12.

To be very fair we can call this Valentine season the time for Falak’s sensation, which is up with fascinating tracks. One of it is ‘Ik Waar’, which is released on January 26, and the other one is ‘Kya Tjhay Ab’, which has got over 1.2 million views in just 4 days of its release on YouTube.

The latest sealer ‘Ik Waar’ is a single number from Falak featuring DJ Shadow Dubai, which seems to be enthralling the masses.

Here are the details about Falak Shabir’s ‘Ik Waar’:

Music by Dj Shadow Dubai
Co-produced by Atif Ali and Vee
Film: Team DG


O jadon ranjha jogi hoya
Na oh heer da le le firda ronda
Ho leke doli kherhe apne nal nal
Dard ishq da tahi oh hoya
Na hunda pyaar tera
Rehndi sawaan de vich saah
Tere baajon main hun ki karaan
Aukha ho gaya hunn jeena

O tak ke le gayi meri jaan
Te mudke takeya nai ik waar
O tak ke le gayi meri jaan
Te mudke takeya nai ik war (x3)

Tainu pyar main sachha kar baitha
Hun apna aap gawa baitha
Tere ishq di khatir rul gaye aa
Hun sari duniya bhula baitha (x2)

Ho jadon baadal meehn barsaave
Wagde athroo pher ae ruk na paavein
O naa tu pichane haal nimaane
Dard e dil ki hunda tu ki jaane

Kalleyan reh reh rul main gaya
Lageya dil da rog bura
Tutte dil kade jud de nai
Ik jindrhi bas ik hi dua

O tak ke le gayi meri jaan
Te mudke takeya nai ik waar
O tak ke le gayi meri jaan
Te mudke takeya nai ik waar (x2)

Ik Waar Video Song:

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‘Ik Waar’ Falak Shabir ft DJ Shadow Dubai

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