Once it was the time when Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) was among the leading airlines of the world. It was also leading in the Asia as well. Asia countries was calling our pilots and aviation authorities to set airlines in their countries and train their staff. Then with the passage of time PIA also fall a prey of politics and corruption. And now, air traveler thinks thousands time before deciding to travel via PIA because anything can happen before, hopefully not during, or after fight lands, safely.judges-who-will-select-pia-uniform-1426266045-6849

Poor management, untrained staff, debts, and corruption have partially destroyed the national air lines. The attitudes of air hostesses is not well with passengers. In case of emergency or noise in the plan, they instead of handling the condition carefully, her selves eventually got annoyed as a few drops fell on her. However, air hostess are not responsible for the current situation. They themselves are facing problems in their duty. Non-payment of salaries on time, cut in allowances and benefits, and misbehave by passengers especially by male passengers are the factors behind their attitude.


PIA staff is still capable of making in remarkable reputation in the aviation business. We have also Naila Nazir, PIA air hostess, who was given the Flight Safety Foundation Heroism Award in 1985 in recognition of her conduct during the hijacking of the PIA aircraft on March 2, 1981. She at the age of 23, showed commendable bravery when she refused to flee the airliner with armed terrorists. She got the award in Boston.

Apart from these, PIA management is required to immediately solve the problems of air hostesses and rest of the staff. It heeds to wake up from its slumber and restore whatever is left of the national carrier, before it becomes a laughing stock internationally.

PIA air hostess fight with passenger:

Pakistani passenger filming PIA air hostess:

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