Pakistan’s automobile industry is not that ripe, the local built cars might be enough for the Pakistani consumers but when we compare it on the larger scale with the neighboring country India, it relies that we are getting what we have been paying for. The main reason of this lagging behind might be the structure of Pakistan automobile as just we can count the companies manufacturing automobile on finger tips. That means whole of the industry is captured by some and no more options available. And when this is the situation you can’t even dream of having a car in same price as your neighbors do.

You all might have heard, about the typical comparison of cars you having with the cars price and availability in India. But here you will know the strong arm of Indian automobile sectors, as recently the cars sale was arranged in Chennai some of the top brands like Audi and BMW were sold for average of Rs 5 lakh. But there was a twist as these cars were damaged in recent Chennai Floods. The main point is that such opportunities or the automobile sector in Pakistan is not that active to make sure any such disasters takes place in Pakistan. And the prices are low in India as there are bunch of options locally of built and international automobiles.

Some of the car prices comparison of both the countries:

Honda City 6th Generation

India: 7.64 lacs INR( 11.72 lac PKR), Pakistan: 15.23 lac PKR


New Maruti Swift India: 4.65 lac INR (7.13 ac PKR),  Swift in Pakistan: 12.21 lac PKR

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  1. I think these companies are looting Pakistanis unless these cars are stuffed with more goodies and/or have better quality parts 7 engines

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