The extremely talented singer Aash Chughtai, just 17-year-old is another finding we have got through the social media. The Rawalpindi based singer is in the headlines because of her proficiency in rapping and singing.

The other mind boggling fact about this young rapper aka The Rapping Fish is, she also write lyrics for her own and in February this years she has made a kind of her official singing debut with a song ‘Be My Valentine’.

Aash Chughtai ft. Hassan Rajput ‘Be My Valentine’ song

The song featured Hasaan Rajput alongside Chughtai, in her songs with her confidence and inventiveness she has successfully grabbed the limelight.

Aash can also sing in different languages and over sometime she have also been showing her skills in concerts nationwide. Her confidence with utmost brilliant rapping skills have helped her to become the latest sensation of Pakistan music.

In Pakistan there are not many female rappers who are known nationwide, amid them Aash just 17 years old is gearing for a better tomorrow.

It will relevant to mention here that her debut song didn’t really worked for her, if this young hip-hop girl gets some mentor ¬†she can surely revolutionize music in Pakistan.

Here are some of the videos of the talented singer-rapper while performing at different concerts:

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  1. she is an awesome singer!
    I like her…and, I also love her!

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