There were not many realities shows before Pakistan entertainment industry got VJ cum host Waqar Zaka. Even though he is one of the notorious names in Pakistan entertainment industry, but that can’t even faint his efforts for introducing reality shows in Pakistan.

After bringing superb reality shows like Living On The Edge , Xposed, King of Street Magic, nowadays he is once again back in the business with his latest reality show named ‘Over The Edge’. This reality show is being presented on HTV, and so far with three auditions episodes on air, it can be clearly said that this show will be exploring new horizons.

This reality show is being broadcasted on every Monday, although videos are also being uploaded by HTV official YouTube Account.

The 4th auditions episode has just been released on You Tube, although, this one is a different episode as in this episode a girl named Dr. Ayesha performed a dare, which others didn’t even thought about performing.

The fearless girl performed this death defying stunt in first attempt, and the reality show-enthusiasts around the globe went gaga over the girl who performed the dare.

Even, host of the show, Waqar Zaka went glad over this achievement as he believes that such stunt is never being performed in any reality show worldwide.

Watch ‘Over The Edge’ Episode 4

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  1. Ye 1400 saal phelay jesi jahilyat ka dor hai. Islam nay jahilyat ka mayar gair ikhlaqi or behouda batain kerar diya hai. Lehaza us dor main bhi parhay likhay log tou they lekin gair ikhlaqi batoun, khel tamashay aur behouda kamoun main doubay howay aur is dour main bhi hum in sab batoun ka mushaida ker rahay hain.

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