Aamir Liaquat is among few of the broadcasters and hosts of Pakistan, who are recognised globally.

He does’t only have proved his abilities as the morning show host, he have also taken the pride as hosting the one of the biggest game shows of Pakistan, which is quite famous among Pakistanis as it gives away prizes of worth thousands, lakhs and even of millions.

In his recent episode, the host went on appreciating Pakistan Army’s effort to eradicate terrorism, not only this he also played national anthem in honour of Pak Army while he asked the audience to give a standing ovation in regards of Pak Army Jawan.

Aamir Liaquat, who was once the leading politician from MQM while paying tribute to the Gen. Raheel Sharif told that he is the avid follower of democracy but this doesn’t restrains him from appreciating Raheel Sharif’s leadership.

It will be relevant to mention here that in his recent statement in a political show he lambasted the PML-N leadership for their name in the Panama Leaks.

Aamir Liaquat’s words in honor of Pak Army shows that his patriotism and feel to make Pakistan better and terrorism-free.

It will be worth mentioning here that Aamir Liaquat is the only Pakistani to be in the ‘list of 500 Most Influential Muslims’ for thrice.

Watch: Aamir Liaquat’ praising Raheel Sharif in Inaam Ghar


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