The young Islamabadi Chaiwala seems enjoying the entertainment world, after modelling now he is on his way to shoot for his debut film.

Arshad Khan, who became the internet sensation after his photos went viral on social media. It should be kept mentioned that, Khan was tea-seller in Islamabad, although his life took a turn when a local photographer posted his photos on social media as she find him much handsome than the usual tea sellers.

Khan became the international sensation as girls from India and other countries went crazy over his looks.

Up till now, he has endorsed several brands and now he has signed his debut film entitled ‘Kabeer’.

“I was being offered a number of films, but I didn’t like the roles and scripts that were offered, so I turned them down,” Arshad Khan said.

“Even in this film I was offered a number of roles but I felt the character of hero’s brother suited my personality the most. No doubt, my role in this film is very important,” he said.

“They even offered me a hefty amount of money but I can’t really disclose the number right now. One thing is for sure, that I’m travelling to Dubai and England for the shoot of my first film,” he told while talking to Express Tribune.

“Whatever amount I am being offered is the equivalent of 1 crore to me because what really matters is signing my first film,” said Khan in excitement for his first ever film project.

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