If you thought Ali Azmat- Umair Jaswal clash will just be limited to the exchange of arguments then Red Bull has proved you wrong this time as they have decided to stage this clash live at Expo Center Karachi on August 27th.

Mark your dates, as this won’t be an ordinary concert or music dose as that will be a real clash with two opposing stages for both of them will be set with four rounds to compete for the affection of the crowd that will be gauged by a decibel meter.

With all this one thing should be kept in mind that this ‘Clash of Generation’ will be having only one winner that day, and that too will be gauged by a decibel meter.

All this between both the singer as the leaked video of Ali Azmat, mocking Umair Jaswal took internet by storm. Jaswal even didn’t missed the opportunity and went on taking jab with saying fans to pardon ‘old’ Ali Azmat.

This all went on as both were keen to test their skills rather than negotiating over this. Red Bull staged a clash between both of them with giving the biggest surprise to their fans.

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