The sensation of Silver screen is once again heading towards you, and this time it will be heading to your TV screens as the writer of this epic film has revealed that soon Bin Roye will be shown as drama on your TV screens. And the one who haven’t got much about the Bin Roye film should know that it all begin with novel ‘Bin Roye Aanso’, and after its massive hit the idea was incepetd on the silver screen. Undoubtedly, the film was one of the most super hit film ever of the Pakistani cinema. And now the idea is all set to rock on as drama serial.

The people who just credit the all success to the lead cast of the film, should really get it in their minds that the lady Farhat Ishtiaq have been standing behind such a marvelous creation, as she is the writer of this superb series. She commenced it with novel, and then headed with a film and now she is in full swing to portray this story as a drama serial.

Months back, Farhat Ishtiaq herself spoke about this latest update and the best thing she told is that the same cast, which enthralled silver screen, will be starring in the Bin Roye drama serial. The writer further told that the things which were being missed in the film from the novel will be shown in drama form.

Now finally she has revealed that soon this drama will be hitting the screens as soon ‘Udaari’ episodes will wrap up.


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