From Shabby taxis and noisy auto rickshaws to latest cars upheld by international chauffeur service offering companies, Pakistan has witnessed a complete change in aura, this is what we mentioned earlier.

Cab booking services in Pakistan are exceeding by leaps and bounds, but with a fast pace, it isn’t that Pakistani market has not enough potential to feed them. The actual reason is that, the young market of e-business and startups is witnessing 3G, 4G services as something new as the people will get more familiar, then companies and startups will have need to build more appetite to generate their revenues from the potential Pakistani market.

Careem is few of the international chauffeur service offering companies which have set their string foothold in quite less time in Pakistan.

Uber, the giant company has also expanding their services to other cities then Lahore, and recently stepped in Karachi.

Careem knowing the competition has came up with an exciting offer for the customers as they have cut 30% off their prices.

With Careem ‘Go’ Karachiites can ride at a rate of Rs11 per kilometre as compared to an earlier rate of Rs15/km, whereas Careem’s ‘Economy’ ride service has also received a Rs2 price cut, from Rs17/km to Rs15/km.

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