The teasers released of one of the famous TV show ‘Mahaaz’ were making it difficult for the people to wait for for its latest episode.

As this was the 100th episode of Mahaaz and it had something special for all.

Promos released created hype as 100th episode of the show featured one of the biggest names of the Pakistani cricket, Shahid Afridi.

Hashtaged as ‘Lala Ka Mahaaz’, the episode went on air on this Saturday and Sunday on Dunya TV.

Especially Afridi fans were much delighted to see him in this show. Even the host Wajahat S. Khan looked quite excited as he traveled to Khyber Pakhthunkhwa at Boom Boom’s place to catch up with him.

Afridi, who is eyeing to retire from international cricket openly held his opinion on different topics and asked question.

The host of the show also asked Afridi about not getting the farewell match as a honor of serving Pakistan cricket for 20 years.

Watch Mahaaz 100th Episode Ft. Shahid Afridi (Part 1)

Watch Mahaaz 100th Episode Ft. Shahid Afridi (Part 2)

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