Smog Precautions: Face pollution masks and air purifiers guide for Pakistan


Smog, the mixture of smoke and fog is the latest threat for the countries like Pakistan, China and India. It will be pertinent to mention here that these countries are among the countries suffering most with air pollution.


According to the latest photo revealed by NASA, India is the real culprit behind increase in the smog as they celebrated Diwali, in which heavy fireworks polluted the air, other than that farmers crop burning, especially in Jalandhar has turned out one of the major cause of smog all around.


In Pakistan, many cities including Lahore, Faisalabad are facing the most of current smog session, which is said to last for next several days as rain is no where in the prediction in these days.

Face Masks are said to be a necessary precaution against the smog. Though it is not that much effective against the microbes  but it saves you from the big pollution particles in the air and avoid intake of such materials with covering nose and mouth.

Face Masks were distributed by Traffic police for free among the Lahore residents. This move should also be adapted by other cities even suffering from the less smog in the area.

Precautionary Measurements against smog in Punjab:


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