The famous comedian Agha Majid has parted his way from Express News program ‘Khabardar’, which is being hosted by Aftab Iqbal.

It should be pertinent to mention here that Agha Majid aka Aaro Gernade ended his around 5-years partnership with Aftab Iqbal to join the ATV channel comedy show ‘CIA’.

Agha Majid worked along with Aftab Iqbal for around 5 years, since the host was part of the Geo News show ‘Khabarnak’. When the host moved on to Express TV after differences with Geo Network, Majid was among the other comedians who stood up with him and became part of the show ‘Khabardar’ on Express News around one and half year ago.

In a recent episode of ‘Khabrdar’ Aftab Iqbal told that Agha Majid left the comedy show on his own and also wished him good luck for future projects. At the same time host showed concern on the decision of the comedian as he has joined a comedy show on ATV, which is not that popular among masses.

Video: Aftab Iqbal tells why Agha Majid left ‘Khabardar’

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