One fast-food restaurant in Multan,, is rolling out new robotic waiter’s service in their food area. The main thing to note here is that it is a totally locally made robot. An electrical engineer student from NUST, Syed Usama Aziz has developed this robot. He is the son of the restaurant owner.

This robot cost Rs. 4 lakh and is the Pakistan’s first ever robotic waiter that is ready to be put to work. Currently, this robot is in the stage of beta testing in the Multan branch of, and after successful launching in Multan, it will be launched in their Hyderabad branch as well.

Checkout the video of this robot waiter serving in the restaurant.

This robot is backed by the artificial intelligence system and is designed to take orders, serve foods, greets the guests and can detect the obstacles in its path as well. Talking to the media, Usama said, “His robot smartly designed and could detect obstacles in its path. He vowed to improve the robot in order to boost artificial intelligence.

The idea of robot waiters is not new. It is continuously being introduced in most of the Chinese and Japanese restaurants where these are performing even difficult tasks like cooking and even taking order and payments as well.

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