The Higher Education Commission has decided to phase out the all two years graduate and master program. All B.A and BSc will be phased out by the year 2018, and all MA and MSc programs will be phased out by the year 2020.

In a circular at this moment issued by the HEC, the apex educational body has given the reason for doing so. According to HEC, “It has been observed that most of the universities are using abbreviations BS and BSc (Hons) involving 16 years schooling and BA/BSc involving 14 years schooling respectively. Similarly, abbreviations MS/MPhil and MSc (Hons) are adopted to denote 18 years Masters. The main disadvantage of using different titles for bachelor level degrees is creating confusion for employers, national, international organizations and community as well.”

The decision has been announced after consulting with most of the universities. To streamline the overall process, HEC formed a committee comprising of experts from different institutions and universities to work in the way of wiping out two years graduation and master programs and also devise the mechanism to accommodate the existing and new students of the two-year graduate’s program into four year BS program.

After analyzing and consulting with the officials of the most of the universities and checking out the possibility of phasing out two years graduation and masters program, HEC committee has decided to introduce a bridging semester as a foundation to cover the academic deficiency of a student who would be entering into the 5th semester of the BS program. Moreover, there shall be no admission conventional BA/BSc after the academic year 2018 and in MA/MSc after the academic year 2020.

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