The hot and humid temperature across the nation has left students, and parents equally in trouble as in some parts of the Punjab the temperature has even climbed 40 centigrades.

The latest notification of the Punjab Government reads out that schools in Punjab will remain closed from 1st June until 14th August.

It will be pertinent to mention here that last year, the summer vacations were also from 1st June until the 14th August.

The government has also directed schools not to take the summer vacations fees in advance and have also told that those who’ll be doing so can end up canceling their registration.

The notification issued will be applicable to both public and private sector school, and colleges and those who’ll not be following the instructions would be treated as per law.

The holy month of Ramadan will be kicking off from the 27th May.

The increase in temperature has become one of the global issues due to global warming, and the world leaders are trying to get it lessen by using different tidbits. Most commonly, the planting of more and more plants is considered as one of the strategies to empower Ozone against the UV rays.

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