Sahir Lodhi’s Ishq Ramazan Registration Process & Entry Pass Details


As Ramadan special transmissions in Pakistan have become a trend, around every of the TV channel tries to get the audience attention with some prominent face on the board.


So does the TV One do with Sahir Lodhi on the show for special Iftar transmission. The Sehr transmission is hosted by Shabir Abu Talib, who himself have made the mark among dozens of other faces during Ramadan transmission.


Like all other transmissions, you can part of this how as well by registering yourself or directly winning the passes.

Both the registration and entry passes winning processes are easy, and you can just simply go for it while sitting at the luxuries of your houses.

Ishq Ramazan 2017 Registration Process

For Sehr Transmission

Type IRS and send it to 9922

For Iftar Transmission

Type IRI and send it to 9922

Ishq Ramazan 2017 Entry Passes

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