Like all other TV channels, Samaa is also up with the Ramadan transmission, which will be hosted by prominent Sufi scholar Bilal Qutab and Sadia Imam.

This Ramadan transmission comes up with the transmission both at Sheri time and Iftar time. The Sehri time transmission is called ‘Subah Sehri Samaa Kay Sath, ’ and the other one is named ‘Iftar Samaa Kay Sath.’

There are two ways to get yourself registered for this Ramadan transmission, one by texting your details through SMS and other by signing up on the link given by the Samaa.

Samaa Ramadan Transmission 2017 Registration Process

SMS: Type IKS (space) Name, Address, City & Contact and Send it to 8126

Online Registration:

Simply by registering yourself for the show, you can win the pass for yourself and your family as well.

Samaa TV Ramzan Transmission 2017 Promo

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