Ramazan special transmissions have become an unavoidable trend in Pakistan. Around every of the channel comes up with special Ramadan transmission with some prominent face from the entertainment industry on the board.

Many of the Pakistanis, who gladly follow these transmissions, think that this is the best way to double the blessings of Ramadan. On the other hand, all these giveaways, prizes, hosts, and shows are just a mean to leave the other behind in the TRP’s.

This might be true to some extent as the battle of the TRP’s has always been there. Each of the channels tries to capture the limelight.

BOL’s move to announce a grand prize of three airplanes was one of the essential moves to gain such rating. At the same time, having legendary cricketers on board for the game show was the move from Geo TV.

ARY never went out of the game with the departure of Junaid Jamshed from this mortal world. And this time up they bring on Shahid Afridi along with Iqrar ul Hasan and Waseem Badami.

It’s just been several days of Ramadan, and the ratings are out by ARY and BOL TV. Both claimed to lead the ratings with leaving others miles behind.

Here are the TRP rating unveiled by the channel, who self-claim themselves to be the leader.

BOL’s claim

ARY’s Claim

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