Multani Mitti is a white powder produced from clay. It has a lot of natural characteristics. It is used for face and skin beauty. Multani Mitti is as effective for oily skin as well as for dry skin. It proves to be a good drying agent for oily skin. By adding few extra elements it is also used for dry skin. Multani Mitti has a magic in it, which you can feel by using its right proportion regularly.Multani-Mitti-for-acne

It is a totally natural product and its side effect have been proved yet, so you can use it safety with satisfaction. Multani Mitti face Packs have several advantages. It is best treatment for white or black heads at face. Using on skin, it removes impurities and dead cells. Against acne, pimples or spot, it is effective. Its massage soothes skin and also helps to improve blood circulation. Mostly rose water, honey and sandalwood are used in it as ingredients.Multani-Mitti-Packs-For-Healthy-Hair

Multani Mitti face packs are effective and are mostly used for the treatment of acne scars, skin whitening and pigmentation. Multani Mutti face pack are being used by women as well by men. For removing blackheads or whiteheads multani mitti scrubber is used. These heads disturb the face look. Multani mitti scrubber attacks them and put them out and make your face fresh. For making the scrubber you have the need of multani mitti, honey and rose water. Add one spoon of multani mitti, one spoon of honey and two spoons of rose water and mix all the three things. Wash your face and then massage with this scrubber for about twenty minutes. Then wash your face with slight warm water. You will feel the difference with few doses.sandalwood-multani-mitti-pack

Benefits of Multani Mitti:

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