Snapshot Of Pakistan Telecommunication Policy 2015-2016 by MoIT

As a milestone development for future years development and growth ICT as well as Telecommunications Industry of Pakistan the Economic Coordination Committee has authorized the Telecommunications Policy 2015 during its gathering held on 11th December 2015 under the provision of Section 8 of Pakistan Telecommunication (Re-organization) Act, 1996 (Amended 2006). Ministry of Information Technology and […]

EasyPaisa Mobile Installment Plan for Samsung, Qmobile and Nokia Phones

 The demand of the 3G network is increasing day by day, the enormous increasing  need of 3G coverage is pushing telco networks to stretch them as they can, therefore, telecom companies are keen to captivate the more and more customers. There is always a competition between the economical packages and smartphone gadgets to attain the […]

Pakistan Post Office Inaugurates Cash on Delivery (COD) Service

Pakistan Post Office has made a promising move to compete the private well-settled companies. It had started the Urgent Mail-UMS-cash on delivery in Islamabad and aimed to spread it in the major cities of the country soon. Cash on delivery (COD) was the mandatory step to expand the sales, profits and business horizons. COD ensures […]

NADRA CRC Certificate Requirements And Tracking

It is the primary right of a child to get registered and get a certificate from the birth place. NADRA has been facilitating in the process of getting CRC (Child Registration Certificates). Child Registration Certificates is a document of registration which is used to register all those under the age of 18 years. CRC helps […]

Top 7 Controversial TV Celebrities in 2015

It is a known fact that controversies are the source of fame for both TV and film artists. It does not make any difference how cheap it may sound, Scandals Hookups and other celebrity affairs are always the point of attention of public, this is the main reason many struggling artists use it as shortcut […]

10 Pakistanis Who Made Their Way in Hollywood

As we all know that as a Pakistani, we have to face a lot of criticism due to negative image of Pakistan around the globe, which is created by some nasty characters belonging to our homeland. It does not make a sense that all Pakistanis are the same like those shameless creatures. There are some […]

Download Pakistani Dramas – Website List

1. This website has Pakistani Dramas of “Ary Digital”, “Geo Tv” and “Hum Tv” and few of other channels. It also contains the songs of Pakistani Dramas. 2. is a website for Pakistani Dramas of Hum Tv, ARY, GEO, Urdu1 and also many dramas from other media channel. It also contains entertainment news. Also […]

Top 6 Muslim Marriage Sites

With the advancement of the day, everything is going online. Even marriage website are also there to find you the best match for your life partner. Here is the list of top 6 Muslim Marriage websites. 1- provides you the platform to find you prefect life partner anywhere in the world. As one of […]

Top 27 Copied Content By Indian Bollywood

Everyone knows that Indian film industry is on song now a days. Indian film industry is making the most successful and mega budget movies. But no one knows the facts behind this success. The fact of the success of the Indian Film industry is that they have been copying different concepts to make their industry […]

6th September Pakistan Defence Day Pictures and Songs

29 August 1965, 50 years ago, Political observers said that the Indians are perfecting themselves in Nazi terror strategy in Kashmir. While facing the failure, the Indian forces have burnt two more villages in Kashmir. Provincial Minister for Cooperation and Labour Mr. Mahmood A Haroon, made a sincere appeal to the people to be united […]

List of Software Houses in Islamabad

Islamabad is the most beautiful city and capital of Pakistan. As it is not a big city like Lahore and Karachi, but there are some big names in list of software houses in Islamabad. There is a long list of software houses in Islamabad. Check out the list of most famous software houses in Islamabad […]

Pakistan Defence Day 6th September Quotes Sayings and SMS

For every patriotic citizen of Pakistan, 6th September, Defence Day of Pakistan is most special event for any Pakistani. It does not make much difference to the patriotic where he/she is at that day. This day reminds a lot of ever green, memorable sacrifices, achievements belonging to this great day. This holds special importance for […]

List of Software Houses in Lahore

A Software house is an organization that works on the software development. They develop new software, provide IT solution. If talk about IT sector of Pakistan then Pakistan is doing well in this field. Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore are most popular cities of Pakistan where there are dozens of software houses. Following are the some popualr […]

List of Software Houses in Karachi

Karachi is one of the largest business city of Pakistan. It contains almost every business in the city. Among all the business, most prominent and most important business is ” Software House “. There is a long list of software houses in Karachi. Let’s check out the list of most famous software houses in Karachi […]

Ufone Super Recharge Offer for Just Rs. 35

After the successful launch of “Ufone Super Card” and “Ufone Super Mini Card” Ufone has now launched “Ufone Super Recharge” for its customers with attractive offer. You can avail Ufone Super Recharge offer for only Rs 35. Once you have got Ufone Super Recharge, you will get 500 minutes from Ufone to Ufone, PTCL and […]

Evo, Nitro Limits Boosted Upto 300GB by PTCL

PTCL has announced a new set of packages for Evo, Nitro and Charji Services with improved prices and extra download restrictions. The significant and very good news is that even though a significant increase in taxation, prices have been decreased and the bandwidth limits have been increased. Also read: Steps to Change PTCL Modem WiFi Password […]

Top 10 Pakistani Drama Serials List

Pakistani dramas are normally short and usually end after a run of less than one year and are based on Urdu novels. However, sometimes the story tends to deviate away from the novel. Also read: Download Pakistani Dramas – Website List The serials have been used repeatedly to transmit socio cultural messages by incorporating them into […]

Haier to Setup Laptop Assembly Line in Pakistan

Haier Pakistan has recently announced that they are going set up a laptop assembly line in Lahore, Pakistan. It will be the first laptop assembly line in Pakistan. Haier Pakistan, in grouping with the Chinese Home Appliance monster and its parent group Haier Group, has effectively completed its laptop assembly plant’s test run and it […]

AEO IELTS vs. British Council IELTS

The present conditions in Pakistan are making it difficult to survive in Pakistan. A lot of People are applying to study at a university abroad or are applying for an immigration. To be able to get a Visa Acceptance IELTS is mandatory and IELTS is the qualification required to seek admission in any foreign University. Many students […]

Pakistani Student ‘Waqas Ali’ Wins Bronze Medal at Microsoft Office Championship

Microsoft’s Office Championship is an annual event. It was held at Dallas this year, Texas from the 9th to the 12th of August. A total of 600,000 people participated in the initial qualifying rounds but only 145 of the best of them from 127 countries were invited to the championship. In the PowerPoints 2013 category, […]

Startup Incubator “NSpire” to launch by Netsol

Pakistanis are no doubt talented and hardworking, and are excelling in every field of life. Pakistani entrepreneurs have implemented lot of ideas to deal with the problems of common man. Pakistani startups have proven themselves by implementing their ideas successfully. There is not the shortage of technical knowledge and hands in Pakistan. Many of businessmen […]

Top 10 Best Software Houses of Pakistan

1. Netsol Technologies  Netsol is a software developing company or a software house. It provides automated and IT enabled solution on international level. NetSol has used highly experienced resources in quality assurance, analysis, implementation and development  to deliver a wide range of high-quality consulting services. It has an independent review having key features of testing […]

Chinese Ecommerce Giant is coming to Pakistani Market as

Sources reveled that  a Chinese tech company with annual turnover of Rs 272 billion in online selling will  emerge into Pakistani eCommerce industry with-in few weeks. Cent percent shares of already Pakistani registered company will be bought by this Chinese company. They are launching their head office in Islamabad along with warehouse in Karachi. Also […]

Top (Mataluna) Pashto Proverbs with Translation

Pashto is a member of the southeastern Iranian branch of Indo-Iranian languages spoken in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran. There are three main varieties of Pashto, Northern Pashto, spoken mainly in Pakistan; Southern Pashto, spoken mainly in Afghanistan; and Central Pashto, spoken mainly in Pakistan. Just like English, Pashto is also a wide and broad language, […]

“Pakistan Haxors Crew” hacks Zong’s Official Site

Pakistani hackers known as “Pakistan Haxors Crew” hacked the Zong’s official website . Hackers instead of defacing main page of website, hackers inserted an html on zong’s server. Hackers have not mentioned any reason behind hacking. Perhaps they hacked the website to prove that Zong’s web security is low. Hackers Haxors Crew has already hacked […]

Review of Pakistani Movie ‘Moor’

Moor has thrown everyone out of the way as the social media says. This famous saying ‘Better Late Than Never’ fits perfectly for the film. Pakistani film industry is coming back on song with some new faces of Pakistan. Its cast includes the names such as Samiya Mumtaz, Shaz Khan, Soniya Hussain, Hameed Sheikh, Shabbir […]

Note 5 Price in Pakistan 2015 and Review

After Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Samsung is going to launch Samsung Galaxy Note 5 expectedly in September 2015 with its amazing features. Samsung Galaxy is most successful series of the Samsung due to S and Note sets. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was released last year in September 2014. Images of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 have […]