Black Friday & White Friday Sales concept in Pakistan

Till last year Pakistani’s weren’t aware about the Black Friday sales, which is been recorded as the biggest shopping fiesta worldwide. One of the most prominent online shopping websites in Pakistan, introduced Black Friday mega sales in Pakistan last year.

Following it many other e-retailers held Black Friday sales.

What is Black Friday?

As we told that the day was originated by Americans, Black Friday is the last Friday of the November, which is the day after Thanksgiving Day and couple of days before Cyber Monday, which is celebrated widely in US. In many of the states of US this is off day and it is regarded as the Shopping weekend for Christmas.

White Friday concept in Pakistan?

After brought Black Friday Sales idea in Pakistan after it became an instant hit worldwide. added up some inventiveness in this idea  and named it as White Friday. The reason they gave to name it White Friday except Black Friday is as follows ” In the Muslim world, Friday is the day of prayer, the day of gathering, the day off, the family day, the day of joy, so surely… ”
…our Friday is WHITE!. presents another discount offer “12:12” on 12-13 Dec

After introducing Black Friday in Pakistan, has introduced yet another discount offer in Pakistan, the latest initiative of is named 12:12, which will be lasting from 12-13 December. is the largest eCommerce retailer and  they once again proved it with their success on the Black Friday sales in Pakistan. Here it should be known that idea of introducing Black Friday Sales in Pakistan was put in by Black Friday, others following the footsteps followed this up. And several others presented this idea with adding up their creativity and inventiveness.

But, undoubtedly’s Black Friday was a bigger hit than compare to the counterparts out in the country.

They give various discount offers regularly, and the latest one is quite similar, as it intends to facilitate the customer. unveiled about their latest initiative 12:12 on famous social media portals, here is how they presented it:


With adding my personal opinion, from this statement it seems that will also be spreading smiles on New Year.

So lets wait!

Till than, you can grab the ongoing exciting discount 12:12

From Black to White Friday in Pakistan: Wrap up

Surprisingly, this year Black Friday Sales were also availed to the Pakistani customers. And without knowing about the origin of this event, people were happier to grab the discounted sales.

Most importantly, the idea was initiated by the E-Commerce retailers, which are in main streams and are flourishing to reach new heights. Whether, it was called Black Friday, White Friday or some else, regardless the colors people run off to get the amazing discounts at the ease of their houses. Out of these companies, some came up with the sale  for three days and some adjusted for 24 days. And with getting the immense response some companies also tried to extend this fiesta.

Here are the details of the leading e-commerce sites and their Black Friday Shows.

They can be regarded as the pioneer of Black Friday in Pakistan. They provided discounted sales for 1 day (24 hours) but looking at the demand of people they extended their offers and it’s still going on…..

They introduced up to 70% discount.

B Black Friday

They provided the discount up to 57% on various products and they offered discount sales for the day (24 hours). And today they also introduced another strategy, claiming that it is Black Friday every day on

Bl Black Friday Deals

The proved their wiseness and came up with a business tactic to rock on the day. Yeah, they are the one, who introduced White Friday, the day they improvised them self. The game is still on as they initiated sale offers from 27-30 November.

They came up with 70% discount.


H White Friday

The came in with another idea, which amazed everyone and they introduced ‘Friday Bazaar’on the day. Thye also launched three days of sale from 27-November.

They introduced 70% discount on over 300 products.

FB Friday Bazaar

Regardless the names or colors all of the Online retailers intended to provide maximum comfort to their customers by providing higher discounts. to launch White Friday Deals in Pakistan from 27-30 November

The buzz about Black Friday’s arrival is all over in Pakistan, as we earlier told you that this would be the very first time when the discounted deals will be available in Pakistan. Previously, there were no special discounts on the day which is celebrated all across the globe and many of the leading brands shorten the prices of their products as this day is the busiest shopping day of the year.

This year the day will be celebrated on 27th November, as it is the next day to the Thanksgiving Day which is celebrated on fourth Thursday of the November.

Pakistanis were quite unfamiliar with Black Friday discount packages but this time Daraz e-retailer decided to introduce this shopping festival among Pakistanis. After that another famous online retailer, also decided to launch this initiative in Pakistan. With Keeping an eye on it, people were going impatient to grab the opportunity.

6 days to catch the exciting discounted packages, amid all this another known E-marketplace stepped in but with the different idea.

Apart from the cultural diversity of Pakistan, Friday is recognized as the King of the weekdays and the day is also celebrated with religious solemnity as Jumah prayers(Friday prayers) are also offered on the same day. And gatherings or functions are specially organized on the day.

And in our local mindsets a Black Friday might be the day of demise or grief as Black is the color here used for mourning and showing sadness.

Keeping all this in view, introduced the new term for the day in Pakistan ‘White Friday’, whose discounted offers will be lasting from 27th November to 30th November. vows to provide up to 70% discount on various items and intends to introduce the real deals to the Pakistani markets from the US and will not be coming up with the leftovers of the vendors.

What products will be available on White Friday?

(From the official to find the best deals and discounts on mobile phones, Computers and Laptops, home entertainment, clothing, fashion accessories, watches, perfumes, home appliances, kitchen equipment, and a whole bunch of other product categories. If you are planning on picking up gifts for your loved ones or treating yourselves, White Friday may be your best chance at striking awesome deals on some of the best brands.

For more updates: White Friday Deals, Facebook to launch massive discounted deals on Black Friday

It was merely known to many of us that what Black Friday is, but the thing which should be overjoyed is the day will also be celebrated in Pakistan. Apart from its observance as the religious obligation by the Christians, this has become the shopping season worldwide.

The day has got immensely popular worldwide and people eagerly look to avail the most discounted things they need. The day has emerged as the busiest shopping day of the year and is regarded as the beginning of Christmas shopping season. However, it’s not an official holiday but in many states of the US the day is called off in public and government offices.

As we earlier told that Daraz announced to introduce the special discount deals on the day, and now we have an update that will also be launching Black Friday deals with up to 57% discounts on its various items.

This year the Black Friday will be celebrated on 27th November and it’s a good symbol that two of the leading marketplaces are up to introduce this celebrating shopping fiesta to Pakistan.

To know more about the Black Friday deals by checkout: Kaymu Black Friday

What is Black Friday?

As we told that the day was originated by Americans, Black Friday is the last Friday of the November, which is the day after Thanksgiving Day and a couple of days before Cyber Monday, which is celebrated widely in the US. In many of the states of US, this is off day and it is regarded as the Shopping weekend for Christmas.

From where it came?

There are two popular theories as to why the day after Thanksgiving Day is called Black Friday. One theory is that the wheels of vehicles in heavy traffic on the day after Thanksgiving Day left many black markings on the road surface, leading to the term Black Friday.