Action-Romantic film Hijrat trailer out: Film releasing on 21 January

Pakistan Film industry is flourishing and the stories they are unveiling at screens prove the versatility and brilliance of the film-makers.

Up the latest, after some blockbusters of comedy-entertainment and soon to release musical-drama film, Pakistan film industry has next in line Farooq Mengal’s Hijrat which is an Action-Romantic film, slated to be released on 21 January 2016.

Here it should also be mentioned that the director of the film Farooq Mengal placed the release date ahead of Ho Mann Jahaan release to avoid box-office clash. Moreover, he was of the opinion that each and every of the film should be given space to do well on the board; therefore, the clashes on box office should be definitely avoided.

The star-studded Musical-drama Ho Mann Jahaan is all set to release on 1st January 2016. And soon after that Hijrat will be on the screens, this will also entice moviegoers as it will be totally different endeavor from Ho Mann Jahaan.

As the film trailer speaks better for the film, it is a compact action-romantic film and with seeing the appreciation of its trailer, it will never be wrong to call it the next blockbuster after Ho Mann Jahaan.

And with it, Pakistani cinema will be at its peak as it has a strong chance to shake the box office and make sure back-to-back super hits of Pakistani cinema.

The film-makers different from the others who are up with anti –item song campaign, have also screened an item song and the gorgeous actress Sana with it, will be leaving viewers spellbound.

The supermodel Rabia Butt will be the protagonist of the film, alongside her Asad Zaman, Nadeem Baig, Jamal Shah, Rubab Ali and Ayob Khoso will be performing the pivotal roles in the film.

A bit more about film Hijrat

Hijrat is a love story that plays out in the foreground of an exodus that rendered millions homeless during the Afghan war. It touches upon the lives of those whose spirits were broken by the homes they lost and whose hearts were broken by the shelter they found.


Meera’s Shakar Wandaan Re Dubsmah has become talk of the town

Since the dance video of this song is released and Ho Mann Jahaan team have placed contest of the Best Dubsmash performance on the song, it seems that whole of the country is just dancing over the desi party song sung by Asrar Shah.

Even the Celebs, Non-Celebs, Kids, elderlies all are seen grooving over the song. Many of the known and leading actors have also moved their footsteps over the song, not only them, even the anchors have tried to grab attention with making this Dubsmash video.

Namely, Yasir Nawaz, Mathira, Imran Abbas, Ali Azmat, Faakhir and others have placed their dancing skills on the song. Not only the young stars, veteran stars of the industry also added their support to Ho Mann Jahaan team, most prominently, Javed Akhtar and Anwar Masood came in with their legendary Tarka.

Amid all this, we have got another Dubsmash by a celebrity, which has become the talk of the town, even though rumors of her not having good relations with the lead actress of Ho Mann Jahann were revolving. But, it can’t become the hindrance in this female star to support the film, which is expected to be the one of the finest movie of Pakistani cinema till the date.

The lady who has enthralled with her performance on this song is none other than Meera. The dazzling actress of Pakistan film industry is seen wearing a kind of Dabaang glasses in the video and makeup artist Adnan Ansari is also performing alongside her.

Meera’s Dubsmash Video:

Ho Mann Jahaan’s funky video of Asrar’s Shakar Wandaan Re released

Ho Mann Jahaan is all gearing up to rock on the silver screens and no doubt the fans are going crazy over the every latest update they get about this musical film, which is scheduled to release on 1st January 2016.

The film is one of the anticipated ventures as this will be the very first film of its type and most priorly the film is a complete blend of rising stars and some renown veterans of the industry.

The story-line of the film revolves around three university fellows, who tried to achieve more and more in their lives keeping up their passion for music. Ho Mann Jahan will be the directorial debut of Asim Raza, which will be having Mahira Khan, Shehreyar Munawar and Adeel Hussain in the lead roles.

The film is aspiring for the musical enthusiasts as it has 10 sound tracks which are sung by some of the superb singers of music industry. The sound tracks were unveiled earlier this month and  people were rejoiced to have such marvelous combination of music in just a single film.

Few days back the video Dil Kare song, which is sung by Atif Aslam was released and now another video of Shakar Wandaan has been released.

Shanka Wandaan is sung by Asrar, who is accredited for mystic songs like Sab Akho Ali Ali and Saiyoon Ne.

This song is a bit different from what Asrar is mainly known for, but at the same time he is also a versatile singer who have sung dance number Afghan Jailabee in Phantom movie.

Checkout the video of Shakar Wandaan from Ho Mann Jahaan:







Latest pictures of Hamza Ali Abbasi at sets of Ho Mann Jahaan

Ho Mann Jahaan is the Pakistani film, which will be the directorial debut of Asim Raza and will be the upcoming venture of actress Mahira Khan. The film is a special one for the Pakistani film industry, which is moving upwards after going through the rehabilitation and is now aiming to raise up the standards.

With keeping all the desired aims of Pakistan film Industry, the star-studded film constitutes of rising stars with some renown veterans, unfolds the story of three university friends of modern society and their passion towards music plus getting into the limelight. The film also shows the diatchomy in our society which hinder in between one’s aim.

The film stars Mahira Khan, Shehryar Munawar, Adeel Hussain and Sonya Jehan in the lead roles and holds some eminent stars, namely Arshad Mehmood, Bushra Ansari, Nimra Bucha, Jamal Shah and Munawar Siddiqui.

The film brings  the treat for the music enthusiasts as it comprises of total ten songs, and very similar to what filmmakers opted in the acting field, film’s music is also the combination of new singers and some melodious veteran singers of the industry.

Icing on the cake

Apart from its original cast, the film will bs also having two dashing dudes of Pakistan film Industry, Hamza Ali Abbasi and Fawad Khan. The duo will be playing cameo appearances in the film, which has raised much more anticipation among the moviegoers.

However, still now Fawad’s role in the film has not come into the light, on the other hand, the social media famous actor Hamza Ali Abbasi will be playing a role of Malang. Here are Hamza’s latest pictures at the sets of HMG.



Is Mahira Khan going to marry at the end of this year?

Mahira is the one of the most gorgeous and multi-talented actress Pakistan has blessed with, apart from that she is also the luckiest one we have, she’s the one and only actress from Pakistan, who have huge number of fans and followers in India even without doing any film in India.However, in any situation we can’t underrate Mahira as she is coming up in Bollywood with King of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan in Raees.

This isn’t at all, as Pakistani cinema has regained its strength and is widely acclaimed, the gorgeous Mahira will be also seen starring in Ho Mann Jahaan, which is scheduled to be released on 1st January, 2016. ‘Ho Mann Jahaan’ is expected to surpass all other heights Pakistan film industry has achieved so far.

The multi talented VJ-cum-actress, Mahira Khan is en route to mighty success, on the other hand rumors about her marriage is up. According to one of the reliable source,, “Pakistani Beautiful actress Mahira Khan has revealed that may be she is going to tie knot at the end of this year or next year”. However still now, Mahira Khan hasn’t denied nr accepted the air up about her marriage.

According to the sources, Mahira Khan told that you shouldn’t do any negligence in telling some one about your love for his/her, that’s something well you do before you regret over your silence.

It is also said that she disclosed her love for someone, but she didn’t told the name of the lucky-guy. And also hinted that she might be tying knot in end of this year or in coming year 2016.

Listen & Download songs of Mahira Khan’s Ho Mann Jahann: Atif Aslam, Mai Dhai, Asrar to spellbound listeners

Ho Mann Jahaan is a musical film which is scheduled to hit the screens on 1st January, 2016, that would surely be one of the biggest from movie-makers for the music enthusiast belonging to the music-fertile-soil, Pakistan.

The music history of Pakistan has always been aspiring million of people worldwide, even its classical or pop or its about new era of songs Rapping, Pakistani musicians have always been phenomenal in exploring new horizons.

In recent times, Pakistani cinema is heading it towards its success and the story-line of the films being introduced is somewhat not being screened before on the silver screen by the Pakistani movie makers.

The upcoming Ho Mann Jahaan is also one of it, the film revolves around the college friends, their family issues and their passion towards music and mindsets of the society regarding music

The film stars Mahira Khan, Shehreyar Munawar and Adeel Hussain in the lead roles. The biggest thing about this music extravaganza are its soundtracks, which are sung by some veteran singers and have also contribution of the young artists of the field.

Not to forget that, Ho Mann Jahaan is the joint venture of ARY Films and The Vision Factory and according to the sources the film will be released and screened worldwide.

List of Songs of Ho Mann Jahaan


Checkout the soundtracks of Ho Mann Jahaan

Dil Kare By Atif Aslam-Ho Mann Jahaan

Shakar Wandaan by Asrar-Ho Mann Jahaan

Sarak Sarak by Mai Dhai-Ho Mann Jahaan

Ghar Nari by Abu Muhammed & Farid Ayaz-Ho Mann Jahaan

Dosti by Zoheb Hassan & Zebunnisa Bangash-Ho Mann Jahaan

Mann Ke Jahaan by Zebunnisa Bangash

Audition by Gumby-Ho Mann Jahaan

Khush Piya Waseen by Tina Sani-Ho Mann Jahaan

Baarish by Jimmy Khan-Ho Mann Jahaan

Dil Pagla by Zebunnisa Bangash- Ho Mann Jahaan

Download songs of Ho Mann Jahaan