Watch Hamza Ali Abbasi & Ayesha Khan’s tribute to Junaid Jamshed

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight PK-661 on its way to Islamabad from Chitral crashed earlier this month at Havellian.

The ill-fated flight was carrying 48 passages, and out of them no one survived. The leading evangelist of Pakistan, Junaid Jamshed was also one of the unfortunate one who became victim to that incident along with her wife Neha Junaid.

Many eye balls were shocked this news and later tributes poured in for the singer turned preacher, who became ideal for many in every aspect of the life.

Up the latest, duo, Hamza Ali Abbasi and Ayesha Khan have paid tribute to Junaid Jamshed.

Both the celebrities have crooned the song that is nostalgia to Juanid Jamshed’s Vital Sign days, when he ruled thousands of hearts as a singer.

In a jamming session, Hamza Ali Abbasi is seen playing guitar and Ayesha Khan shows her signing skills while signing song ‘Aetbar’.

Watch Hamza Ali Abbasi  & Ayesha Khan’s tribute to Junaid Jamshed


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Ayeza Khan’s message over sad demise of Junaid Jamshed will leave you in tears

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight PK-661 on its way to Islamabad from Chitral crashed on Wednesday afternoon at Havellian.

The ill-fated flight was carrying 48 passages, and out of them no one survived.

Junaid Jamshed along with his wife was also part of this flight moving to Islamabad from Chitral. He was coming back from preaching event held in Chitral.

Nationwide people mourned the sad incident, and millions of JJ followers worldwide got into deep stress.

One of the front faces of Pakistan dramas, Ayeza Khan also got saddened badly over the sad demise of Junaid Jamshed.

In her Facebook posts she wrote:

“My childhood memories belongs to you Junaid bhai. How can I forget my school days performing every year on the national songs, I used to fight with my teacher just to be a part of your songs, I can’t forget the Ramadan transmissions, Shaan e Ramadan, you standing in front of the audience and reciting Naat, humara Roza apki Azaan sunkr khulta tha ,you are still my favourite Junaid bhai I am writing this feeling like you are reading this I can’t stop myself sharing my feelings with you and crying like a baby, can’t believe you left us already, you will be missed always.
Beshak Allah has decided something really good for you!”

In another post she shared photo of Junaid Jamshed’s daughters and captioned it as:  Your Dad is a Hero and he will always be! 

Can’t even imagine their loss,I know how desperately the daughters wait for their daddy to comeback to home and to hug them and to kiss them and to hold them tightly in his arms. I don’t know how you are feeling right now but I know YOU ALL ARE VERY BRAVE BECAUSE YOU ARE THE DAUGHTERS OF A BRAVE MAN. Allah will give you strength and our prayers are with your daddy.

Nostalgia: Junaid Jamshed singing ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’ (Video)

Its been years when Junaid Jamshed bid adieu to music and aimed to spend life ahead according to the Islamic principles.

Junaid Jamshed, who was the vocalist of the one of the most looked after pop band of Pakistan, called it quit after meeting with the religious scholar Maulana Tariq Jameel at mosque in Faisalabad.

Many wished a happy and prosperous life ahead to the music sensation of that time, but many of fans were jut awe-struck with the fact that there will be no more songs from Junaid Jamshed anymore.

Junaid Jamshed was the lead vocalist of the most coveted music band of Pakistan ‘Vital Sign’ and his sudden quit raised many questions in mind of his fans.

To give super teat to his music followers we are going to be share a music video with you which has taken the Pakistani social media by storm.

This all is because the video floating on the internet shows Junaid Jamshed singing his famous song ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’ from his debut album Vital Signs 1.

While singing, Junaid Jamshed can also be seen showing off his guitar skills in the video.

According to the sources, the video is from shooting of Maria Wasti’s morning show which is being shot in Turkey.

Watch: Junaid Jamshed singing ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’ at Maria Wasti show

Junaid Jamshed attacked by mob at Islamabad Airport (Video)

The singer-turned-religious scholar Junaid Jamshed was attacked by a mob on Saturday night at Islamabad Airport. According to the sources, this incident took place late on Saturday night.

Junaid Jamshed beaten by crowd at Islamabad Airport (Video)

The video which has gone viral on social media shows religious scholar being beaten by group of religious people within the premises of Benazir Bhutto International Airport, Islamabad.

The group of men who attacked Jamshed were also chanting religious slogans and claimed that the religious scholar had committed blasphemy thats why they are beating him.

The Evangelist, who is a close ally of Maulana Tariq Jameel kept silence at the moment, the video further shows that he was later rescued by the people nearby who interrupted in all that, although no security person jumped in to provide safety to the scholar.

When this incident was happening many people around took their phones out to capture this incident, later the video of the incident being shared by anonymous person on social media has become talk of the town. Many netizens are condemning the attack on the prominent Naat reciter and scholar, whereas some belonging to different religious sect are showing gratitude to those religious men who have beaten Junaid Jamshed.

Meanwhile, it should be kept mentioned that the attackers were claiming that they are beating Jamshed for his blasphemous comments about wife of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). These comments were given by Jamshed back in 2014, and after facing the wrath of public, he uploaded a video asking for apology over the matter.

Buraaq comic Islamic superhero promo revealed – 3D Animated

The much awaited clip of Pakistani 3D animated Urdu series Buraaq, The Rise of a Hero has been unveiled today. Buraaq 3D Islamic superhero series has been produced by SplitMoonArts, sound track composed by Shahi Hassan while the Urdu version of the series has been narrated by Junaid Jamshed. The superhero Buraaq is the embodiment of basic universal values of Islamic ideology, i.e. to stand up for truth, justice and freedom.

The need of an Islamic superhero was felt by the producers, who were desirous to illustrate the side of their story to the Hollywood, particularly the West. This is the second release of Buraaq as the first came out back in January 2001 which received a considerably positive response.

The series intended to reclaim the mainstream narrative of Islamic ideology, and to narrate the story in the form of high-quality 3D animation. The core theme revolves around Islamic universal values and concept that is shared across all prominent religion’s philosophies. The series, obviously, is replete with the components of mystery, action, and ventures.

BURAAQ – “The Rise of A Hero” 3D Animated Series Promo [URDU] from SplitMoonArts on Vimeo.

BURAAQ – “The Rise of A Hero” 3D Animated Series Promo [English] from SplitMoonArts on Vimeo.