QS World University Rankings 2015-2016: 6 Pakistani Universities in the list

Quacequarelli Symonds (QS) has came up with  ‘World University Rankings 2015-2016,’ the list compiled of the best universities of the world are included as per the criteria kept by the researchers. This yearly released university ranking is supposed to be the one of the most righteous and fact based that’s why it is well perceived all around the globe.

Furthermore it also helps the students to know about the universities and also let them know in which educational institutes they should got admission to pursue their educational career.

Here is the list of Pakistani universities who made their place in the list of 1000 top world universities:

Sr. No. Overall Ranking University Name
1 501-550 National University of Sciences And Technology (NUST) Islamabad
2 651-700 Quaid-i-Azam University
3 701+ Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS)
4 701+ University of Engineering & Technology (UET) Lahore
5 701+ University of Karachi
6 701+ The University of Lahore


Ranking Methodology of QS:

  • Academic reputation (40%)
  • Employer reputation (10%)
  • Student-to-faculty ratio (20%)
  • Citations per faculty (20%)
  • International faculty ratio (5%)
  • International student ratio (5%)

NUST: Having its Headquarter in Islamabad, was built in 1981 by government with aim to edify the members of Pakistan armed forces, after they get clear from military institutes and colleges. NUST stood 501  in World University ranking 2015/16, if we look at its previously acquired slot, it lied on 401 back in 2012. In Asian University rankings it has been placed at 119th position.


Quaid-i-Azam University: It was established  in 1967 and was named after the founder of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah. The university was ranked number 1  by Higher Education Commision  in category of General Universities this year. The university made it first time in QS rankings,  was able to secure 651 position worldwide and 116 among Asian.

Quaid-e-Azam University
Quaid-e-Azam University

Lahore University of Management and Sciences (LUMS): The business graduate from LUMS is highly obliged in Pakistan. As it’s pass out are performing well in business hubs of Pakistan. In, 2012 rest upon 601 in worldwide rankings and now is allocated 701 position in worldwide ranking and 161 in Asian.


University of Engineering and Technology (UET) : Established in 1921  is the foremost engineering University in province Punjab.  It is pertinent to mention, Punjab is the most literate province of Pakistan having 61% of literacy rate. The university is standing on 701 slot continuously form last 3 years and has captured 251st position among Asian  Universities.

UET Lahore
UET Lahore

University Of Karachi: It is widely referred as (Jamia Karachi) is among one of the oldest universities in Pakistan. It has retained its position at 701 since 2013 and lies on 251 in the Asian University Rankings.

University of Karachi
University of Karachi

University of Lahore:  It was founded in 1999 under the Ibadat Educational Trust and later was granted degree awarding status in 2002. University of Lahore ranked 701 among worldwide universities.

University of Lahore
University of Lahore

No Need to Wash: Pakistani Student Introduces The First Ever Jeans ‘Odo’

A student from Lahore University of Modern Sciences (LUMS) has worked out a type of Denim Jeans which is free from any stain and will not absorb odour.

Salman Chaoudhry’s project ‘Kick Starter‘ has become quite popular across the world owning to the ideas the student has been introducing under the project. Hailing from Lahore, Chaudhry names his project as Odo where he devised a Denims Jeans with the same title claiming to be the first every jeans which will neither let any stain to ting it nor any odour to get absorbed.

Jeans is one of the prolific type of garment that is seen put on by most of the people around the world. Many jeans lovers love it due to its ability continue much longer on the legs without demanding to get washed; however, it gets dirty after some time and it is not easy to wash it.

In colloquial language, this jeans is given the title of ‘Self cleaning jeans’, meaning it will be cleaned by itself automatically.

The Kick Starter Movement has become the most successful movement across the world driven by Pakistan. The innovator has also produced a video in order to illustrate the item he has made. In the video, it has been shown that this special jeans neither absorbs any sort of liquid nor any thing can infect it.

As for the preparation this peculiar jeans, a special type of thread has been employed to fabricate it. The thread does not let it get wet as well as it wards off any odour from it. The jeans was prepared in Pakistan.

Here is the Video:

South Asian Libraries Conference (SALC2015) to be held in LUMS on 12-13 October

The South Asian Libraries Conference will be held at the Lahore University Management Sciences, Lahore from 12th October to 13th October. The event will be organized by the Pakistan Library Association (PLA) and many leaders of Library Association from the invited countries will be bestowing the event with their presence.

South Asian Libareries Conference (SALC 2015)
Date: October 12-13, 2015
Time: 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.
Venue: SDSB B-3, B-2, LUMS

City of Lahore was chosen as the venue for the event as this sight has deep connection with the history and is known for its remarkable hospitality. The event will be organized at Lahore University of Management Sciences, which is recognized as one of the best educational institute in Pakistan.

LUMS is also among the list of World top universities 2015-2016, unveiled by Quacequarelli Symonds (QS).

The main point around which conference will be revolving is “journey through print to digital information and beyond”. Librarians, leaders in education, public representatives, government officials, educators, decision-makers, authors, publishers, digital content producers & providers, people from civil society, media and library users are expected to take part in the conference. The main aim of organizing the event is to formulate new ideas and strategies to compete with the rapid change in way of acquiring knowledge as the world has open up new paths and is moving towards ‘digitizing’.


In upcoming years the procedure of acquiring information might be replaced by some latest trends or get more enhance, to cope with this the young innovators and proficient leaders are invited to share their ideas.

The Chief Guest of the Opening Ceremony
Chief Minister of Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif will be inaugurating the conference on 12 October 2015 at LUMS.

Nescafe Basement 4 on its way; Music-holics tune your channels

Nescafe Basement is coming-up with their fourth edition, the show commenced back in 2012 have become widely popular within no time. It can be regarded as the 2nd most popular Music show of Pakistani television in recent times, although its inventiveness and uniqueness is something not available in other its counterparts.

The music show aims to unveil the underground music talent in the country and is successfully able to do so far. The show provides chance to the youngster or newbies, who haven’t been known to this world and hold some sensational music talent.

The show from its commencing date so far has produced some amazing talent to the Pakistani Music Industry. Several other music shows have also been busying in generating some raw talent, despite this ‘the fertile musical land’ is left with a huge talent.

Nescafe Basement 4: The auditions are over and  Xulfi, the mentor of the show will be shortlisting the candidates for this season on 10th October. The team headed by Xulfi visited leading educational institutes, like NUST, LUMS, IBA, SABIZT, GIKI, BNU and FC for auditions. On the other hand, large number of online auditions were also held.

After finalizing the candidates, soon the show will made it to the screens. However, date of launch is not yet finalized.

Xulfi, speaking about the auditions and 4th edition of Nescafe Basement, told: “It’s always inspiring to go out and look for the young talent of Pakistan. And this year has seen the widest audition drive compared to the previous three seasons. It wouldn’t be an understatement to say that the talent that I’ve discovered for this season has already excited me for the music-making process that’s about to start in a few days. I’d let the artists and their talent be a surprise for the audience. Rest assured, it’s going to positively amaze you, yet again.”

Lums.edu.pk LUMS official Website Hacked due to Mama Qadeer

Two websites of Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship and LUMS Art Club were hacked on Friday morning, April 09 , 2015, by hacker named “Mr. Pakistan.” The sites were goes under maintenance mode within short duration.

According to hacker Mr. Pakistan, the sites was hacked because of inviting a Balouch human and social activist, Mama Qadeer by the management of LUMS for a talk on the rights of Balouchies. The talk by the name of “Unsilencing Baluchistan” was arranged by the LUMS that was part of an ongoing series on highlighting justice and human rights issues in country especially of Balouchies. According to Daily Times, Mama Qadeer, Ali Talpur, and I A Rahman was the special guest of the event.

The scheduled show was cancelled on the order of Pakistani government. On the day of event, LUMS made a statement after receiving government order to cancel the show:

“Under the re-mapping justice series, an event scheduled at LUMS for the 9th of April 2015 had to be cancelled on orders from the government, which was most unfortunate indeed. We are proud that all such discussions have taken place in an academic environment that is collegial and respectful of all citizens, as well as diverging points of view.”

Hacked website: http://arts.lums.edu.pk/

After the site being hacked, the hacker post the following message:

“According to Article 19 of constitution of Pakistan, Freedom of Expression is allowed ONLY if it is not against Islam, its integrity, Security or Defence of Pakistan. You invited a BANNED Person for a seminar to spread hatred and to manipulate brains of students through your event. We will not Tolerate such activities as a Pakistani Nation.”

“Stop Promoting the traitors. LUMS you will be smashed if you dare to destabilize Pakistan. We have Eyes on YOU.”


Agr Pakistan ki Taraf maili ankh se dekhugay tu tumhari qabroon k nishan bhi nai mailain gay.

Greetings Pakistan