Mathira’s item song for Sahir Lodhi’s ‘Raasta’ is the hottest thing you’ll watch today

Mathira was out from the entertainment scene, she rolled back in with doing item songs in the Pakistani films.

Seems that last one of her item song failed baldy to grab any attention.

But the latest coming has made the audience restless as the short video of the song is surfacing on the social media, and Pakistani moviegoers are going crazy for them.

Mathira, who is regarded as the synonym to boldness, came up with the similar moves in this latest track.

The song will be part of Sahir Lodhi’s film ‘Raasta’.

Mathira’s item song for Sahir Lodhi’s ‘Raasta’ is the hottest thing you’ll watch today

The star-studded film will be starring Sahir Lodhi, Saima Azhar, Shamoon Abbasi, Naveed Raza, in the lead roles. It seems that film be one of the biggest treat for the music lovers as the music of this film will be given by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Amjad Sabri. According to the sources, this action-thriller film will be hitting the screens in second half of 2016. The trailer and teaser released shows that the film will be having plenty action and Sahir Lodhi will be seen leading it from the front.

Valentine Day 2016: Mathira gives the top tip for first date

Its February and the love birds are already chiming to set a date on the lovers-day, what we call is a Valentine Day. Although, the day is not any public holiday and no social reverence is seen but this is still one of the most celebrated day.

Many of the friends long wait for this day to upgrade their relation and many other try their luck by proposing their crushes. Although, the results are not 100 percent but the success rate is enough to oblige the lovers to celebrate this day.

The day is not a warmth one in typical Pakistan scenarios but in urban areas the day has become quite popular especially among the new generations, whereas many have excuses saying that we can’t restrict our love only for a day, we have all the day as love is allover us. Even though, you don’t need to be upset as this is their opinion and you should be going on with what you find correct.

We have brought a video for you, in which the glamour VJ Mathira is giving a top tip for the people going on their first date. The video is of around 40 seconds but it tells how you should be while out for a date.

This video by the sizzling Mathira can be regarded as  a guide video for the young-lovers, although this video is not a latest one but yet is availed here for you as a valentine special.

Especially, for the girls who are often confused about what to wear should must see the video, as the sultry actress have also suggested the right way to captivate your partner without getting out of any limit.

Pakistani actresses and their worst makeup disasters

The glam world is something which aspires you all, star’s stardom, glittering events, sizzling environment and bold bodies are some factors behind your magnetic attraction towards this field.

But if you checkout how difficult it is for them to maintain this all, that would surely left you stun, mostly the heedful and enthusiastic people settle down well and easy in the glam world, rest are just left with their broken dreams.

When it’s about female actresses, their makeup and dressing plays a pivotal role in giving your eyes a soothing effect, however, the glam-world ladies are quite possessive about their makeups and dresses, and it is also seen that they have some good understanding with their makeup artists.

Here we’ll show you the worst makeup disaster of Pakistani actresses, its not such like finding flaws in them or disgracing any of them. It’s just about how normal people they’re and even the top fashion artists making these actresses ready make mistakes or you can even call them blunders.

Here we go:

Mathira Khan: The VJ turned actress is often up with controversies, whether her dress choice on TV shows or her bold talks essentially work to fulfill her objective of getting immensely popular. But here you will find her makeup falls which even made her pathway into the headlines.




Veena Malik: She’s another controversial Pakistani actress but nowadays away from stirring or planting any new controversy. Her activities in Pakistan were even acceptable but her India’s visit always raises new controversies, which consequently defamed Pakistan.



Sajal Ali: This Pakistani drama actress made her debut in the field in 2009, firstly she continued with side roles in dramas but later her capabilities provided her chance to be the lead actress, and now she is one of the most popular Pakistani drama actresses.


Iman Ali: She’s someone always in the list of top Pakistani beauties, on the other hand she’s a lot talented, nowadays she’s writing a story for the film, however, her film as actress ‘Mah-e-Meer’ is also ready to hit the box office in November this year.


Nadia Hussain: This fashionista is multi-talented, most recognizably she’s the face of Pakistan Fashion Industry. Her fitness and beauty has always been the talk of the town.


Humaima Malik: She’s been part of modeling since she was very young , she was just 14 years of old she walked the ramp for Deepak Perwani. She has also starred in Bollywood alongside Emraan Hashmi in ‘Raja Natwarlal’. She also has made several silver screen presences in Pakistan.



Is Mathira starring opposite Danish Taimoor in Tum Hi To Ho?

The handsome dude, Danish Taimoor is all set to rock-on with his third silver screen presence. Sources claim that it would be a love-story based on real life events.

Veteran film actor Sangeeta is directing the film and has introduced a young girl Qurutulain, who will be in female lead of the film. The shooting of the film has started from September 29 and it is expected that film will be hitting the box office on next Eid. Karachi is decided as the shooting venue, although some of the scenes will also be filmed in Lahore and Murree.

The film-goers were anticipating about the cast and story line of the film, many were gossiping about the film, especially on the point, who will be the lead actress opposite Danish Taimoor?

After film’s inaugural ceremony was held in Karachi, the cat is out of bag but it doesn’t seems what some female actresses were telling is exactly the same.

Notorious VJ Mathira claimed that she will be performing one of the two female lead role opposite Danish Taimoor in the film.

But the information acquired from the press conference doesn’t highlights any such news. It is also told that film will be having an item-number and a girl named Marium would be doing it.

It means sultry Mathira is even not ‘lighting’ the item number. At once, Mathira told: “I’m, not doing an item number, although there will be one in the film. I am doing a song opposite Danish Taimoor, though.”

With Mathira’s these different revelations about her presence in the film, might raises several eyebrows, as it’s not clear that what Mathira will be really doing in the film.

If we take look at pictures from the launching ceremony or press release of the film, Mathira is nowhere in the lead.




A shot from Tum Hi To Ho
A shot from Tum Hi To Ho

Stay tuned for more updates!

Mathira’s new song Piya Re by Furqan & Imran Band

Piya Re – the song by Furqan & Imran Band has been released. Guest appearance or feat. is given by Pakistan Super Model Girl Mathira. Song is shot, directed, and post by Hassaan Islam. The marvelous and capitative music is given by Blue Notes Productions the largest production house in the world of arts and entertainment.

The song has been sung by Imran and Mathira. Imran has performed on the Urdu lyrics while Mathira has performed on the English lyrics. Some of the lyrics are from the song of Adnan Sami ‘Bheegi Bheegi Ratoon Mein’ and the singers of the Piya Re also tribute this song to Adnan Sami.

Mathira’s video of the new song: