Sara Chaudhry How Pakistani actress left showbiz – Exclusive interview

Sara Chaudhry was a former Pakistani actress who had joined the Pakistani Showbiz Industry in 2001. Sara started her acting career at the age of 14 when her father’s friend offered her to work in a drama. She joined acting career early because she wanted to financially support her family. However, just after reaching at the peak of popularity she left the showbiz industry and reverted her life to Islam.

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In an interview on ATV titled “Morning With Farha” hosted by Farha, Sara Chaudhry gave the detail about her media life and current life. Answering to the question why she left the industry, Sara said that she was feeling lacking of something in her heart. As she come from an average practicing Muslim family. She began to searching answers in Islam and found how our ancestors were living their life and how we are. She said it was not easy for me to practice the religion as some people termed my decision a hypocrite and they claimed that I would soon come back to normal showbiz life. But Allah gave me steadfastness and I am still in touch with my religion.

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Sarah had also faced little critics from her family for leaving the showbiz. But later on, they understand the situation and now she is living a normal life and happy with her married life as she thinks that now she can give more time to her family than before. She got married with a Dubai based businessman Faisal Khan in October 2011.

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Sara Chaudhry was born on September, 1987. Her real name is Iqra, however, she was popular by her drama’s name Sara. She wanted to be a doctor but by chance and luck, had stepped into showbiz industry.

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Mawra Hocane On The Way To Her Bollywood Debut

Because of a lot of public queries when Mawra was asked about this news she nodded in yes and confirmed the news but she was reluctant to provide further information about cast and crew of the film. According to her poster of the film, will be publically open soon and all the interested people can get their information from that. Mawara is sister of Urwa Hocane.

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Umair Qazi further confirmed this news and he said that Mawra Hocane is 22 years old and even in this age she is talented enough to work beyond the borders. She is leaving for Mumbai soon. Where she will perform all the relevant shooting of her upcoming Indian film. Though the title of the movies and its director and the male hero is not yet made official but it is confirmed that this movie will be shot in cape town of Mumbai.

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Himesh Reshammiya is going to produce the music of this movie and Arijit Singh will sing all songs of this movie. It is expected that this movie will release in September 2015.


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It is mentioned that the director is keen interested o cast her in his movie though she said no to all bold scene. As according to her Pakistani public will not like this but still director is accepting each and every thing as he wants to have her on board for sure.


In a public morning show, Mawra expressed that she is in love with Ranbir Kapoor and she is a big fan of him. She also shared a video of Ranbir Kapoor appreciating her beauty and skills. It is also very much expected that Mawra will meet the Glittering star of Bollywood Ranbir Kapoor while in her way to Mumbai.

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These days Mawra is posting her pics in social media in order to upgrade her fans and family. This is really marvelous that in this little age she has a huge amount of fans and lovers from different countries of the world. Now time will disclose this fact that either this will be Bollywood debut film or co-stars there will throb her heart and public here and there will love her this upcoming film or not.

Urwa Hocane Terminated Iman Ali For New Movie

Urwa Hocane is a well-renowned model, actor and ex VJ of Pakistan.These days she is in great demand as viewers like to see her beauty and outlook in different roles.Urwa basically belongs to Karachi she brought up in Islamabad.Right from childhood she uses to participate in theaters and dramas.She started her career as Video Jockey on ATY Musik.From then to onward going great as she has high rating and among most wanted actors of Pakistan.She recently married a widely recognized singer of Jal group.

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Also read: Urwa Hocane declines lead role in Bollywood film ‘Azhar’ with Emran Hashmi

In show biz industry, she started her career as an actor in different drama serials.List of some famous dramas is given below:

  • Meri Ladli
  • Kahi Un Kahi
  • Tum Mere Hi Rehna
  • Madiha Maliha
  • Marasim

She earned her fame as an actor through drama serial Marasim in which she played a role of a girl who was forcefully subjected to marry to abide by her family rituals like different girls of typical Eastern and middle-class families use to face.That role was performed so originally and skillfully that public started loving her.She is not merely famous in Pakistan but also beyond the border.

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She played as Anam in Kahi Unkahi, Maliha in Madiha Maliha, Rafia in Meri Ladli, Nayab in Marasim and Rania in Tum Mere He Rehna.

Recently Urwa has been featured in a film named as Namloom Afraad which was released in on 6 October 2014.Namaaloom Afraad is a thriller and comedy movie written by Nabeel Quereshi, composed by Shani Haider and produced by Fizza Ali Meerza.


In this movie, she got fantastic remarks by her fan and viewers.

After this great success in the film industry, Urwa Hocane is now coming soon in movies having Bilal Ashraf and Ali Azmat.In this movie, Urwa replaced well famed out the class model and actress Iman Ali in a lead role.This movie has already completed its first spell in Hyderabad.

No doubt Urwa Hocane has an attractive outlook, good acting skills and liked by youngsters of Pakistan.In her small career history, she had played many interesting and unforgettable roles which will remain in memories of million people for long.