Smart Share: How to Share Balance from Telenor to Telenor

Telenor is one of the largest cellular companies in Pakistan. Just like other cellular companies operating in Pakistan, Telenor also lets its subscribers share their Telenor balance to other Telenor SIM users. This balance share service is named as the Smart Share by the Telenor. However, this balance share service is for prepaid subscribers only. Postpaid customers are not allowed to get benefit from this service.

Smart Share service of Telenor is launched by the Telenor with the aim of assisting the users to help their friends and family members in time of emergency if they are running short of balance or out of balance. So, if you are such type of person who wants to help others by transferring the balance to others then Telenor Smart Share service is a platform that makes you the true hero of your friend and family members.

Telenor to Telenor Balance Share Process

Below is the process of transferring credits to your friends and family members.

Step 1: Type *1*1*923@@@@@@@@@*Amount# and press or tap call button (Note: 923@@@@@@@@@ is the mobile number of the recipient)

Step 2: Press 1 when it asked for confirmation to confirm the balance transfer

Above mentioned process can be simply learned as: If you want to share a balance of Rs. 150 then type *1*1*923451234567*150# and press 1 to confirm the transfer.

Telenor to Telenor Balance Share Charges:

Charges for each transaction of Telenor to Telenor balance share are Rs. 3.99+Tax (approx. Rs. 5).

Terms, Conditions and Limitations for Telenor to Telenor Balance Share

Terms, conditions and limitations for Telenor to Telenor balance share are as follows:

  • This service is only for prepaid subscribers
  • Balance can be share from one Telenor number to another Telenor number only
  • Minimum balance share limit is Rs. 15 and maximum amount is Rs. 200.
  • Only 03 transactions for balance share are allowed for a day.
  • Balance validity will be same as it was when sender recharged the mobile balance.
  • 3.99+Tax will be deducted automatically from the shared amount.
  • In the case of a wrong number or wrong amount, Telenor will not be responsible to pay back the amount.

Ufone Packages – All Prepaid Call Packages Listed

Ufone is a Pakistani GSM cellular service provider that was the third cellular company to join Pakistani mobile operator market. It is the wholly owned subsidiary if Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL). Ufone was among three out of five Pakistani cellular companies that only got a 3G license on April 23, 2014.

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Ufone always strives to provide its subscribers those services that are the requirement of the today Pakistan environment. For the same reason it never hesitate in launching new services. It always comes with latest and advanced technology to offer innovative services to its subscribers. Ufone is offering highly competitive 3G internet packages all in one place.

Following are the all prepaid call packages of Ufone:

Ufone UWon Call Package:

Dial *444*1# or SMS 1 to 444. Charges Rs.2 per minute for Ufone and PTCL.

Ufone Super Sasta Package:

Ufone to Ufone and all other networks at the low rate of 85 Paisa + tax per 30 seconds 24 hours a day, without any daily charges. Dial *5678# or get a new Ufone SIM.super-sasta-pkg-inner

Ufone 3 pe 3 Offer:

Dial *343# Now and make unlimited calls to Ufone, PTCL and Vfone numbers all over Pakistan for the next 3 hours in just Rs. 3 + tax.3pay3-inner1

Ufone Asli Chappar Phaar Offer

Dial *5050# for Rs. 60 + tax (validity 5 days) U get an incredible 5000 Ufone to Ufone minutes, 5000 SMS to all local networks and 5000 MB mobile Internet (for both 2G and 3G customers).ChapparPhaarOffer-inner

Ufone 24 Ghantay offer:

Dial *2424# in just Rs. 11.99 + tax make as many calls as you want throughout the entire day for non-stop communication.

Ufone Super 5 Offer:

Dial *5252# and make calls to Ufone, PTCL and Vfone for Rs. 5+tax/day from 5AM to 5 PM.super5-inner

Ufone 30 Paisa Offer:

Dial *3030# and make calls for 30 paisa/15 seconds.

Ufone Super Call Offer:

Dial *45# and make calls for Rs. 3.89/hour without any daily charges.super-call-offer-1014

Ufone Uth Student Offer:

Dial *202# and call for Rs. 0.72/hour to any Ufone number.prepaid_UthStudentOffer

Ufone Uth Dabangg Hour Offer:

Dial *212# and only for Rs.3.99 enjoy unlimited calls from Ufone to Ufone, PTCL and Vfone.prepaid_UthDabanggHourOffer-banner

Ufone Din Bhar Plus Offer:

Dial *445# and make unlimited calls to all Ufone & millions of PTCL and Vfone numbers across Pakistan between 9am to 5pm for just Rs. 7.00 (Incl all applicable tax) daily.prepaid_DinBharOffer-banner

Ufone Monthly Din Bhar Offer:

Dial *4455# and for Rs. 150+tax/month, make calls to Ufone, PTCL and Vfone members.prepaid_MonthlyDinBharOffer

Ufone Daily Pakistan Offer:

Dial *888# and call to all Ufone, PTCL and Vfone numbers for Rs. 18 only for whole day.

Ufone Weekly Pakistan Offer:

Dial *8888# and call to all Ufone, PTCL and Vfone numbers for Rs. 100 for whole week.po-weekly-inner

Ufone Monthly Pakistan Offer:

Dial *8888# and call to all Ufone, PTCL, and Vfone numbers for Rs. 418 for whole month.BPO-Offer-inner624

New Zong 3G and 4G Internet Packages for Prepaid

Zong is the only cellular company in Pakistan that is offering 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE internet packages both for prepaid and postpaid customers. IT is the first one and only one to offer 3G and 4G LTE services to customers. It is the second largest cellular service provider and third largest in terms of number of subscribers in Pakistan. 20% market share of cellular operators in Pakistan is currently being hold by the Zong. Chine Mobile is the 100% holder of Zong. It is providing services in Mobile services, Data services, Mobile banking, Telephony, and Blackberry solution. It is also providing branch-less banking in Pakistan in collaboration with the Bank of Punjab. Wateen us also the part of that deal. In an auction of 3G and 4G licenses that was held on April 23, 2014, Zong had purchased two licenses of worth $516 million for 10 MHz spectrum in 2.1 GHz frequency for 3G and 10 MHz sepctrum in 1.8 GHz for 4G.
3gfaq_q3Zong is providing 3G and 4G LTE services to its customers with the aim of providing a high speed internet connectivity around the country that will leave an overwhelming experience. The speed of its internet packages will give the users freedom of uninterrupted streaming of favorites movies. Music, songs, TV shows and many more. It talk about speed then it is like lightning speed with fast downloading options. All its packages are best for web surfing.

zong-super-3g Zong-4G-LTE


Here are the Zong 3G and 4G Internet Packages for Prepaid:

Zong 4G Internet Packages for Prepaid:Zong


Zong 3G Internet Packages for Prepaid:

Most of the packages are same for 2G, 3G and 4G. 3G is also covered in the same portfolio. According to Zong, Internet Bundle Portfolio for (2G/3G/4G) is as follow.shot-20150916-2039-1ii04iv


How to subscribe for Zong 4G Internet Packages for Prepaid:

Dial *6464# to activate any of the 4G internet package. All these packages can be used in 2G, 3G and 4G activated areas. Packages can be subscribed as well from here: Online Zong Internet Packages SubscriptionFun-World-Banner

Zong process of enable or disable 3G or 4G on smartphone:3gfaq_q10

Warid Double Faida Offer: Subscription and other Details

Warid has come up with their new LTE package and it’s called ‘Double Faida Offer’. This new initiative by the cellular company came in as viewing subscriber’s need of using mobile internet more frequently.

Warid Double Faida offer gives you the double volume of the internet on the existing rates. Giving more excitement to its viewers, provides free internet from 1am till 9am.

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The cellular company also knowing the role of ad to publicate their initiative widely. This time they doing it perfectly. Amir Khan (boxer) and Shahid Afridi have starred in the ad. The sports duo, who are recognisable as ‘the most liked sports stars in Pakistan’, showed off their acting skills really well. The ad has successfully grab the public attention and Warid Double Faida offer is in limelight.

Warid lauds that ‘Double Faida Offer’ provides ‘Lightning Tez Internet’, the phrase compares the speed of Internet with light. And nothing can travel faster than light.

How to subscribe Warid Double Faida Offer?

Dial *777# for subscription

The offers are as below:

Warid Double Faida Offer for Prepaid:


Get FREE from 1 am till 9 am everyday till the bundle expires

Warid Double Faida Offer for Postpaid:

Post p

Get FREE nights from 1am till 9am till the bundle expires

Warid Double Faida Offer Terms & Conditions:

  • The offer is valid only on the selected internet bundles
  • Free night offer timings are 1am till 9am and is valid till the bundle expires
  • Fair usage policy of 1GB/night applies for the night
  • For postpaid users already on monthly 5GB bundle, please SMS ‘NB’ to ‘4000’ to subscribe to FREE nights
  • Complete LTE info, details and subscriptions are available at *777#
  • For more bundles and information, visit
  • This is a limited time offer
  • Terms, conditions & taxes apply

Warid also awarding 1GB free internet for 5 days, after you activate your LTE data services (The offer is just valid for new LTE subscribers only).

Amir Khan & Shahid Afridi in Warid TVC 2015 Double Faida Offer

New Ufone 3G Internet Packages for Prepaid

Ufone always comes with lot of facilities for its subscribers. It always focus on providing services and products to make life easy and convenient for its customers.

In these constantly changing environment, Ufone is now offering highly competitive “3G Mobile Internet Buckets” according to your need. All you need to dial (*3# ) from your 3G or 2G enabled handset and choose the desired Mobile Internet Buckets at the best and affordable rates.

Subscribe for any service will be allow to enjoy Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Line absolutely free with every bucket, and that too, at lightning fast speeds.

Following is the list of 3G Mobile Internet Buckets for Prepaid Tariff.

Bucket Name

  Price (Rupee) MB Timing Subscription Code UNSUB Code
Daily Light Bucket DA





10 40 24 hours *804# UNSUB to 8804
Daily Heavy 15 75 24 hrs *8042# *4804#
Special Daily 05 50 1 AM–9 PM *810#

UNSUB to 7810


Mega Internet

06 51,200 12 AM–12 PM *550# *5501#
3 Day Bucket 3-Day 25 100 24 hours *3350#



Weekly Light

Weekly 50 250 24 hours *7811# N/A

Weekly Heavy

125 500 24 hours *7815#


Monthly 1 GB

Monthly 250 1,024 24 hours *7807#


Monthly 3GB

500 3,096 24 hours *803#


Monthly 10 GB 1,000 10,240 24 hours *5100#



  1. Default tariff will be Rs.20 for the first MB and the user will get next 19 MBs free, then will get charged for the 21st MB and will get the next 19 MBs free and so on. Volume accumulator will reset at 00:00 hrs every day as it happens in current scenario.
  2. To check the remaining balance of internet, dial *706#.
  3. Multiple subscription of the same package is not allowed
  4. Above packages are for prepaid subscribers only.