Aamir Liaquat to replace Nadia Khan as Geo Entertainment morning show host

The rumors were in the air for quite some time that the pioneer of morning shows in Pakistan, Nadia Khan has called it a quit of her morning show on Geo Entertainment. Although, she hasn’t yet called it off, meanwhile here is another big news hitting the Pakistani TV screens today that the proficient broadcaster Aamir Liauqat will be replacing Nadia Khan’s morning show.

The official announcement isn’t made in this regard, but some reliable sources have claimed about Aamir Liaquat soon be on Geo Entertainment as morning show host.

The source further tells that, Aamir Liaquat will be hosting this show from Eid-ul-Fitr morning, that means it’s around 2 months away from happening.

Aamir Liaquat Hussain right now hosts Subh e Pakistan on Geo Kahani, whereas Nadia Khan who made her comeback on Geo let in 2015 is up with her famous show ‘Nadia Khan Show’.

With this announcement of Hussain coming on Geo Entertainment from Eid-ul-Fitr has raised curiosity among the audience as yet now it isn’t known that whether Nadia Khan will be leaving it or they will be merging with each other. So far the rumors tells due to several reasons Nadia Khan will be leaving this show.

Aamir Liaquat to star in Syed Noor’s romantic-drama film

The multitalented televangelist, scholar, TV host Aamir Liaquat is once again in the headlines, and what else can be the case expect his oozing talent. Without any doubt, he is the proficient in all of his respective fields and none other than him have gained such wide popularity across the globe.

The latest reason of Aamir Liaquat in news headlines might be a shocker for many as he is all set to star in Syed Noor’s dictatorial romantic-drama film.

The other thing which should be quite clear in the mind of viewers is that he’s not playing a  side role or a cameo in the film, as per the directors revelation famous host will be playing the lead role in the film.

Although, the character Subh e Pakistan host will be playing is a bit nearer to his real life as he’ll be seen starring as a scholar in the film but the next thing might be a little different from Dr’s reality as in this romantic film Saima will be playing as Aamir Liaquat’s love interest.

Dr Aamir Liaquat Hussain, who has become the household name with his mighty success of TV shows has agreed to play the role in the film, the director of the film Syed Noor told while in an interview to Dawn Images.

Syed Noor, who has been serving the Pakistani film industry since 1993 has brought some marvelous films on the screen and undoubtedly he’s the brain behind many superb films picturised till the date.

The thing which makes the moviegoers more curious is that Syed Noor has vowed that this film would be the totally different from the other movies being produced in Pakistan and Indian cinemas.

So far, the name of the film isn’t picked, however, it is told that the latest venture will be picturised at both local and foreign places and furthermore it will be releasing in 2017.

No to Nadia Khan Show! Meera arrives in Aamir Liaquat’s Subh e Pakistan

It’s not been long when Meera arrived on the sets of Geo Tv as a guest in Nadia Khan Show, but it all went controversial as before the show she fought with Nadia Khan’s show producer over not fitting the demands of her.

But this all didn’t finish over as the video of Meera at sets of Nadia Khan Show went viral. After all this, Nadia Khan lambasted Meera over bringing such disgrace at the sets of her show. In further episodes of the show, Nadia Khan also narrated the whole incident and showed Meera’s injustice with the team of Nadia Khan’s show but on the other hand, she also told that even after such disturbing acts of the stars actress, her team was still struggling to make her comfortable.

Around all this it was also told that with this kind of immaturity  Meera will further not be called in any of the show as this incident was pronounced as Meera’s furious attack on Media.

Besides all this buzz, today Meera came in as a guest in Aamir Liaquat show at Geo Kahani and still now with all the updates no untoward incident took place. The episode was on aired today and was in the amiable and superb environment as it is used to be.


Here it should be mentioned that it’s a comeback show of Aamir Liaquat, who is one of the most influential media men of Pakistan. Dr Aamir Liaquat who has now become a household name for his efforts of spreading the message of love and peace for everyone, with his latest season of Subh e Pakistan, has got appreciations and applauses from all over.


And somehow casting a show with Meera, is also a  kind of message of peace and love for all.

Aamir Liaquat’s Subh e Pakistan to on-air from December 7 on Geo Kahani

The proficient broadcaster and host Aamir Liaquat Hussain is all set to make a comeback on the screens  and even with a bigger boom, in his latest endeavor he’ll be hosting a morning show named Subh e Pakistan which will be on aired from Geo Kahani from December 7, 2015.

Before that buzz was all around that Aamir Liaquat who was recently appointed as president of Geo TV, will be doing his famous quiz/ game show Inaam Ghar. The people went on crazy over it, as the air was above that Inaam Ghar will be even bigger than what it have been previously and Aamir Liaquat whose quite benevolent while granting prizes to the audience will be hosting the show.


Amid all that, with some reliable updates it came in that Aamir Liaquat will be coming up with the second installment of his last years morning show Subh e Pakistan, which was televised in 2014.

The strongest indication about the Subh e Pakistan soon be rolling in came as the promo song of the show was released, which was written by Aamir Liaquat himself and the voices in it were lend by some legendary singers of the Pakistani music industry alongside Subh e Pakistan’s host.

At the same time, rumors were up that this morning show will be on aired from end of December or at the beginning of next year but nobody knew the surprise was even bigger as the anticipated audience haven’t to wait more for Aamir Liaquat coming their way and  around countdown of  2 days one of the most influential media man of Pakistan will be coming up with his new venture, about which he vowed that it will be unique and  will be setting new records.

Subh e Pakistan Morning Show Promo Song by Aamir Liaquat; Video, Lyrics, MP3 Download

The promo song of upcoming morning show of Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain titled Subh e Pakistan released now. It is a comeback by the Aamir Liaquat with the same titled morning show that got released during 2014, however, this time the style will be new. The date of the show is not finalised yet. However, the chances of airing will be cleared by the end of December 2015 and the audience and fans of Aamir Liaquat can expect a grand opening of the show in the start of the year 2016.

The promo song of Subh e Pakistan morning show is sung by the legendary singers and musicians of the Pakistan including Ustad Hamid Ali Khan, Ustad Ghulam Abbas, Fareeha Pervaiz, Abida Parveen, Jahanzaib Ali, Humaira Arshad, Imran Jawaid, Dr Aamir Liaquat, Arif Lohar, Lucky Ali, Sanwal Essa Khailwi, Sherry Raza, and Sarah Raza.

The song is written by the host of the morning show, Dr. Amir Liaquat.

 Subh e Pakistan Morning Show Promo Video Song

Subh e Pakistan Geet by Dr Aamir Liaquat Husain on GEOمیں جو کچھ ہوں اس رب کی عطا۔۔محبوب خدا کی مجھ پہ عطا۔۔ماوں بہنوں کرنا یہ دعا مجھ سے نہ ہو کوئی بھی خداعامر کا یہ ارمانصبح پاکستانSubh e Pakistan geet in melidious voice of Dr Aamir Liaquat,Humaira Arshad,Sarah Raza,Sanwal Essa Khailwi,Hamid Ali Khan,Jahanzaib Ali,Fareeha Pervaiz,Imran Jawaid,Ghulam Abbas,,Humaira Channa,Sherry Raza,Lucky Ali,Arif Lohar,Abida Parveen.For more alerts, updates, news, photos and videos, please follow Subh e Pakistan social media portals:Updates: Facebook.com/SubhPakistanAlerts: Twitter.com/SubhPakistanVideos: DailyMotion.com/SubhPakistan

Posted by Subh e Pakistan on Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Subh e Pakistan Lyrics

Nai Ujli Kiran, Khusshbu e Chaman

Paigham e Amman, Nai Soch Sukhan (x2)

Lab Per Shuker e Rehman

Subh e Pakistan (x4)

Khushyon Say Bhara, Yeh Ghar Ho Meera

Kalyoon Sy Khilla, her Ik Cheehra (x2)

Abad Rahay, Yeh Khawab Meera

Yeh Sindh Meera, Punjab Meera

Khyber Ta Baluchistan

Subh e Pakistan (x4)

Dukh Sukh Mil Ker, Bantay Aao

Sanng Sanng Meray, Chaltay Jao (x2)

Paa Lein Sapnay, Rothay Apnay

Aansso Damann, Mein Kyon Rakhnay

Chehron Ko Day Muskan

Subh e Pakistan (x4)

Iss Mitti Ki, Khushboo Bheeni

Meehkaay Mann, Saansin Apni

Iss Dais Pay hay Yeh Jaan Fida

Afwaaj Ki Hay Kya Shaan e Waffa

Hum Pay Karan Tu Rakhna Maula

Hoo Maula

Hoo Maula

Main Jo Kuch Hoon, Us Raab Ki Atta

Mehboob e Khuda Ki Mujhc Pay Atta (x2)

Maaon Bheno, Kerna Yeh Dua

Mujh Say Na HO, Koi Bhi Khaffa

Aaamir Ki Armaan

Subh e Pakistan (x4)

Message by Dr. Aamir Liaquat